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The video game market is one of the markets with one of the highest growth rates in recent times. The entertainment market in all its forms has grown, but according to the Global Report of the videogame market collected by Newzoo, this market has averaged about 6.2% growth in the last five years.

The video game market is highly lucrative and is estimated at $ 108.9 billion per year. Some estimates estimate the market between 24.8 to $ 33.7 billion and with serious growth possibilities. This market volume with high year-on-year growth makes game development one of the most prosperous and best-profiled industries in the coming years and perhaps throughout the next decade.

Not all the story is rosy. Although it is true that the growth has been gigantic, the competitors have increased and many development teams have shaped their artillery towards this field. But all these teams have had to face the need of buying servers or failing to rent this service.This is one of the critical nodes that teams have to solve and this is the reason why many projects do not come out. The expenses in the acquisition of the hardware or the rent of the services require large amounts of money that many times the equipment does not have. This means that even if you have a good concept (good story, characters, attractive worlds with clear rules of the game), a design (Voices, 3D graphics) and exceptional programming, the games do not go out to the public or for preliminary tests

This is where the Xaya platform comes in, which puts at the service of developers and players a platform that will allow them to run completely using blockchain technology without the need for centralized servers. This seeks the democratization of the development and implementation of games. With Xaya the developers will bring your vision to life quickly with significant cost reduction. Additionally, a large number of tools and a state-of-the-art infrastructure will be provided to game developers to turn each game world into a completely autonomous and decentralized universe that works without servers.

In all games played on the Xaya platform players will have real ownership of their assets online. This will be possible thanks to the possibility of changing your digital assets within the game by cryptocurrencies through simple and safe exchanges and actions of your products online.

The innovation of Xaya is that in this platform there are new and better possibilities of trade in objects than in other emerging commercial systems and other existing online games thanks to the use of intelligent contracts for these transactions.Thanks to Namecoin and its innovative vision, players are guaranteed a secure commercialization process of their virtual assets where everyone gets the agreed upon and fraud is impossible.

For players and developers there is a problem that each one addresses from their perspectives, have games that are increasingly attractive and with greater and better functionality for players. This must be fulfilled in such a way that it is profitable for the developers while fulfilling the demands of the players. This added to the new demands on the part of the users: real ownership of the digital assets of the universes and a compensation for the time and effort invested for the players beyond the mere satisfaction.

Xaya presents a series of characteristics that are the solution for each of the parties involved:

For gamers:

  • Provably fair gameplay
  • Reliability and stability (i.e. 24/7 uptime)
  • Secure virtual asset ownership
  • Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value (e.g. play to earn or Human Mining)
  • Secure social networking
  • Easy to use game app launcher
  • Human readable wallet accounts and “addresses”

For developers:

  • Fully-, partially-, or non-decentralised game development
  • Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development
  • Virtual currencies and asset creation
  • Ability to build gamer loyalty
  • Broad game engine compatibility (e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc.)
  • Exportable game engine templates (e.g. support for Unity assets and Unreal blueprints)
  • Pre-built libraries
  • Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably

For supporters:

  • A cryptocurrency with high utility value (e.g. ‘CHI’ is the ‘fuel’ for games, creating accounts, purchasing valuable in-game items, etc.)
  • Access to large existing gaming markets
  • Access to untapped gaming markets (e.g. virtual asset trading)
  • Creation of new gaming genres (e.g. blockchain-based gaming and Human Mining)

Huntercoin was thought of as a testing platform to develop solutions to technical challenges and to test the receptivity of the market to this type of innovation. Huntercoin is a great success that with only a few months after its release achieved 35,000 characters controlled simultaneously despite a low profile release (without advertising), require specialized hardware and a reasonable level of technical knowledge of the player.

Huntercoin went from being a one-year trial project and became a platform with a market capitalization of around $ 6.3 million in 2017.

The Xaya platform is based on the important knowledge developed in Namecoin and Huntercoin in their previous projects. This previous accumulated experience allows the team to have the technical capacity and knowledge necessary to embark on this project.

The technology used by Xaya is based on the proven technology of Namecoin, this technology is what will allow Xaya to interchange and exchange accounts and interchangeable items in the game in a block similar to Colored Coins. One of the characteristics of this platform is the possibility of performing atomic transactions. This possibility allows users to be certain that transactions will be carried out or not: it is not possible for them to be left half-hearted in the event of a failure.

This transaction must be signed (approved) by both parties, so that the transfers of both (buyer and seller) happen or the transaction will not be effective. This is done to prevent fraud by some of the parties. These transactions are made in side chains outside the blockchain, without delegation of trust or ownership, which allows users to make almost unlimited transactions between them.

Xaya is a platform that is revolutionizing the way players interact with gaming platforms. With Xaya, players will be allowed to become a true manager and can direct any of their favorite teams in the main leagues of the world. Both Soccer Manager and Treat fighter games are designed to offer players a judiciously fair game and a true ownership of the resources in the game.
The players get the property in the money thanks to the game!

Xaya, by partnering with soccer manager, lays the foundations for the game to be available immediately to millions of players. This enhances the ability of Soccer Manager, by joining the blockchain platform to offer a complete gaming experience. Xaya will give players the chance to get as close as possible to the experience of being a true football coach and in return thousands of users will be able to meet the pioneer in games that use blockchain technology.

Xaya raises the conditions for exchanges to be possible, in some cases exchanges between different universes. These exchanges are not new, in many online games the gamers made exchanges of attributes or pieces of the game. This generated a market where the parties risked being scammed because the system was limiting and did not conceive this need as a priority. In Xaya these exchanges are possible and in addition to being possible there is an impartial system with a high degree of security that will allow users to make exchanges without any fear of a possible scam.

This system is one of the pillars of Xaya that tries to allow market updates for developers, and fair play, as well as the ownership of simple assets and the real value conversion for players. The team's combined experience in Huntercoin and Namecoin makes it the best possible option for this task. The use of ephemeral time stamps, merkle structures, and game channels are proof of this.

Xaya has dabbled with firm step in one of the most promising markets of the last.

Team capitalizations in previous projects showed that this team is not playing.


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