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#Bitcoin is using in many countries already but in #India lot of confusion and Issues going on.

Coming #July Month us very crucial for #Indian crypto users. Lot of #Exchanges already Filed #Petition in court against #RBI Crypto Decision that #Banks will not support cryptocurrency exchange.

Please find Important Dates in below #Image :


Most Important Dates are 3rd July which is First Hearing of #Appeal in #Supreme Court.

Second Date is 15th July when #Committee Submit the Report about their Research on #cryptocurrency.

I am Hoping for a #Positive decision from Supreme Court. Please #comment below about your Views.

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Wish You Success!
@cryptopiyush Online


i hope correct decision in regulation from sc.

We Don't need to worry because they know that, if they ban crypto, Indian economy will be getting worse.

right said brother hoping for positive decision

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