Top 5 reasons to get YUPs! (Get dividends for holding YUPs)

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The YUP is a unique token that fuels the Crowdholding ( eco-system. The YUP is both bought as well as rewarded in our Dapp. This article will dive in the top 5 reasons to own YUPs. Without further ado, here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. 50% dividends to holders over 250,000 YUPs
    Distributing dividends to the Crowd has been part of our mission from the start. This month we're launching exactly that. Crowdholding takes a 10% cut of any transaction on the platform, and now, half of that cut will be redistributed to every person holding at least 250,000 YUP, every month! So the more activity on Crowdholding, the more benefit YUP holders get! Oh, and in case you're one of the people with a mountain of YUP, anyone holding more than 1,000,000 YUP will get 5 times as much!

  2. Business purchase YUPs to place tasks
    Businesses on our application pay for YUPs to place tasks on our app, adding volume. The more tasks the more purchases that will occur. These YUPs that are bought are then given as a reward to the user.

  3. User will soon use YUPs to place Tasks
    Currently in development, we will be allowing users to place tasks in YUPs or their desired ERC-20 token to reward CH users for solving their tasks. This will encourage users to hold and earn to place tasks at the same time purchase YUPs to get instant access to place a task.

  4. Value of our token is low
    With a solid ranking on State of the Dapps and, we are considered undervalued from the likes of many projects who still claim higher market caps. Many of these projects have failed to produce and are either dead or lacking any traction. With a growing 1,500 monthly active user base, we are emerging to becoming a use case from our tokenomic system.

  5. Simple access to purchase YUP from our Dapp
    Our YUP buy button allows easy access without the complications of going to an exchange. And we still leverage the exchange (IDEX) on the backend for the transactions. From our buy button we price the exact exchange rate from Coin Market Cap's indicator every Monday at 3PM CET time, thus as the week progresses our price will be fixed from the buy button until the following Monday. We have published a task around these new exciting developments, click here to give your feedback and earn YUPs!

If you are interested in earning crypto without investing or mining you should look into Crowdholding use my refferal link - You will receive some of their token for simply signing up to the platform.

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