Translations are here. Share the Bitshares movie!

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Translations are here. Spread them out!

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Resteemed and upvoted, will do the same in a bit, and there is small SBD donation headed your way :)


DL :)

Thank you so much for doing this, upvoted and resteemed from me and

Thanks for the donation! :)

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Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post. And follow you @songtiejun

Thanks dear sharing this post ..I alwys see your post and follow you.

i wanna buy a car

I love these.

Cool video. Do you have a citation for the "fastest blockchain" claim? Not that I don't believe you, but would like to look into this.


Any Idea how I can transfer FIAT directly into BitEuro or bitUSD as cheap as possible ?

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