Introducing myself

in crypto •  2 years ago 

Hello, everyone, just like to say hello and present myself in this close community which I have been joining since late 2016 but haven't participated very much in. Last year was a big year in the Crypto world and myself is an active investor involved in different blockchain technology involved investment and like to share/exchange with like-minded individuals here around the world for different updates/outlooks/ideas in this exciting break through technology.

All the best in 2018, everyone!

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Hello! just a lurker I see, I look forward to seeing new posts from you and all the best to you too! :D

yea...been lurking for a little over a year...are you active in the crypto field? I'm looking into some ICO recently in the real estate application, out of which I myself invest quite heavily in USA...

I'm pretty active in crypto, is it Atlant you've been looking into? Because I've heard of that.

haven't heard of this...I'm looking into rentberry now...I think it's advertising quite bit recent times.

The name rings a bell, probably seen it in an ad but I don't think they are advertising so much to the UK audience.

U r right...I'm afraid it's not available in UK...I assume there is pretty stringent rules of ICO in UK?

Yeah they are pretty strict about ICOs.