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Hello this is my ticket, a strong hug to the whole community and participants.

What is Goldilock and what benefits would it provide in this cryptocurrency boom?

as we already know the world of crypto-money and all that with it leads to this revolution of digital currencies, every day new ideas arise to develop a better functioning in order to offer a better service, that meets all the parameters of storage, security , stability, among many; to go hand in hand with the growth of platforms that promote keeping this business afloat in the current and future market.

To do so, Goldilock came to position itself in the market as a platform that provides storage systems services; what gives the user access to their funds and data when they require it.

Allowing the user the possibility of entering and manipulating all the information they need at any given time, through a physical device that stores the information of the person in an Internet connection linking the user directly, giving a limited time to through non-IP technology, with secure verification guidelines. In this way, it is positioned in the market avoiding the cloning of information, the arrival of spam and any type of hacking at the moment of making any transaction that requires personal information or funds. Which is an extremely important tool in these times where the cyber-pirates, power cuts arise; introducing the systems to damage and plagiarize all user data that rely on platforms that do not have this type of services.

Goldilock, clings to the position of working in conjunction with elite platforms such as NEO. Once unified, they promise to take storage technology to a level of consolidation, sharing its diverse knowledge and principles to maintain a position of merit in the face of the demands of today's market.

Internet connection services lend themselves to many electronic scams; and Goldilock, focuses on deepening this aspect and reinforcing security through storage, safeguarding the interests of the user with its advanced system of physical disconnection of the air, against subtracting all cyber attacks such as hacking in the cryptocurrency industry, which has become the boom! of the time in our current economy.

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Emerging markets inside and outside the United States are developing competitive and cutting-edge systems that promise stability and imminent growth; As in any economic market and the world situation, we must always mention the issue of inflation, where surprisingly in these North American and European markets, we also mention the Asian continent; has had a tendency to fall in recent times and this in the market has a lot of meaning in terms of the environment for risk assets is fairly stable and reliable.

Attributes offered by Goldilock to improve the market and differentiate.

1-physical disconnection of air: hard drives, Trezor, Ledger Wallet.
2-centralized system: protection of data and information, control of virtual wallets and exchanges.

Goldilock centralized systems, seeks to strengthen the aria of shelter, attacking the weaknesses associated with everything related to the centralized assets that exist in the market and how they previously handled the interests of users with all the risk that all this implies , to access an Internet network and be virtually exposed to any electronic scam.

when we refer to the physical disconnection of air; We speak of a time factor that is established to cancel all access that is believed to be emerging, different from the user's, such as direct access to your data or in the form of spam, which can extract any type of data and be exposed to the mercy of These unscrupulous who are dedicated to this type of scams and crimes, staying in a safe area to make your transaction successful, free of any risk.

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Some of the problems that this could affect the user, is that he is not knowledgeable and does not possess skills in computer technology, but like any process that starts with an adequate information on how to use the tools, an adequate management can be achieved to thus obtain the results that are sought.

the service provided by Goldilock, may be required not only by the platforms that are handled through cryptocurrencies, but also by the different companies that are associated with the subject of security.

Identification Process.

When we access any site on the Internet, the request for digital identification through personal data, will always be required to enter and do any process where you need to enter your information or simply send it, we can also talk about a correction or economic transaction, and start traveling online such as an email or database; At that moment, the user is totally exposed to the occurrence of computer crimes.

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To do this, Goldilock is created, which grants the user access to the information required at that moment; later once the user finishes with the verification of identity, the data are once again out of line, preventing their access.

service that places Goldilock as the main attraction for its users.

When we talk about storage Goldilock gave in the highest point, since it offers not only store data and information but it gives the privilege to its users; of storing cryptocurrencies in an effective and safe manner; at the same time to own a wallet online. giving options to the user at the time of using this platform, demonstrating Goldilock a versatility in his trade within the upstream technology market.

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