Introducing statistics dashboard for Bitcoin Cash (alpha version)

in crypto •  11 months ago

I've launched a first version of statistics dashboard for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It's currenty in alpha and features following daily metrics for the last 30 days: volume weighted average price in BTC and USD, transaction count, mean/median transaction values in BCH and USD and total transaction value in BCH coins.

My tech stack is React/Redux/JavaScript/Phoenix/Elixir/PostgreSQL.

I see cryptotokens as rapidly evolving digital ecosystems of strange and futuristic entities. Humans, corporations, autonomous agents, global behavioural feedback loops, hostile predatory systems, and, soon, AIs. Unknown unknowns lurk in the dark.

Our timeline forked to a cyberpunk dystopia. Armed with machine learning, advertising and propaganda is melting down human mental fuses that ensure our cognitive sovereignty. I don't believe in a new normal, future brings only more challenges. We will have to improvise, adapt, overcome. Our systems will have to evolve.

But gold doesn't evolve. Neither does Bitcoin Core.

I am not able to reconcile the chaos of complex systems with the digital gold narrative. And don't get me started on gaslighting and censorship.

True Bitcoin should be able to handle a collapse of global financial system. 1 MB Bitcoin won't. But Bitcoin Cash stands a chance.


  • Dark theme
  • Trading analytics: exchanges, trends
  • More metrics: trading volume, transaction fees, unique addresses, etc.
  • Account insights and historical data

Feedback and feature requests are welcome!

Also Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas or happy whatever floats your existential boat!


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Bitcoin Cash is very surprised. Merry Christmas