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Another Busy Week!

A lot of exciting updates this week for! Let's get to it.

Full Ethereum Integration has now fully integrated Ethereum!
This means that users can now quickly swap ETH for over 140 cryptocurrencies currently listed on!

This brings out list of fully integrated incoming assets to:

  • ETH
  • DASH
  • BTC
  • BTG
  • XMR
  • LTC
  • GRS

For outgoing, we have over 140 cryptocurrencies, including the ones listed above for incoming!

Transaction Tracking

By user request, has implemented a transaction tracking function. This means that users can track their transactions using the small link button near the status (indicated in the graphic below)!

We also want to remind everyone about the social media sharing buttons! It's a fun way to show your friends what you are getting. No personal information is revealed, it is just a fun way to show support for your favorite crypto!

Thank You STEEM Community! is extremely pleased with this community and are actively participating in it, as well as looking forward to growing together with all of you!

More Coming Soon!

We are extremely active. New functions and features are always being integrated. We are extremely feedback driven, so when you have an idea about what we can do better, just let us know!

Also want to say a quick thanks to @surpassinggoogle (from the renowned for his recent feedback regarding seeing the transaction status!

Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading!

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add anon assets guys - XZC DASH ZEC EXCL XMR etc

Dash, XMR, XZC and ZEC are already available. We will take a look at EXCL, thanks for your suggestion!

has bittrex/upbit - should be liquid enough ;)

i've been using openpagex for a few weeks now. I love the fact that you can switch straight from steem to 140 different coins/tokens without switching to btc first. Plus you can exchanging small amounts (under 20 steem)

Thank you for the feedback! It means a lot to us that you are enjoying OnePageX!

I think I will give this a try, I have been looking for how to get steem token. You can add TRX as well.

We have TRX as an outgoing asset!

What is the mininum amount of Steem to start a trade?

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Current minimum is 17.588 STEEM.

The deposit limits are shown right below the incoming asset once it is chosen.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

As the minimum is fluctuative, do you have any plan to give some kind of API so we can check the minimum for any given input currency so we don't send insufficient amount if we want to trade programatically?

Hi @ucukertz, thanks for your question!

The API is currently under active development! We will keep the community updated as more information becomes available.

Hey, we do have a functional beta of the API live now.

For example:

You can use this to get basic information such as minimums and maximums and estimated amounts you will receive!

Since this is beta, it is subject to change, and when we release V2 of the API we will let the community know!

Also, if you have a public project please let us know what you end up using it for! We would love to see your project!

Thank you, looking forward to V2!

Great! Let us know if you experience issues. This isn't a publicly announced beta, so if you notice anything unusual please do contact us here, live chat or by email (listed on the footer at!


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You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @fuadsm

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Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
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Great implement.

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Thank you alot. Plus, the money arrived. Stay awesome. Thank you for the shout-out as well

We truly appreciate the feedback! It is also awesome that you are contributing so much to the STEEM community with STEEMGIGS!

Site looks fine and I will probably try it someday. Right now it seems like a much better version of blocktrades so I am looking forward to more additions and good updates.

In comparison to competition, what do you think are your biggest advantages?

Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the late reply!

Competition is always healthy, as it forces everyone to bring their best game forward!

We strive to be the simplest exchange. Our name comes from "One Page Exchange". We aim to offer high quality service and great prices by working hard where the customer can't see. The customer should just have a flawless, fast and simple exchange experience.

We offer many features such as multiple transactions on one page, permanent addresses (you can continue using the same address without going back to the page and it will continue to exchange your crypto into the chosen asset), an exchange widget, a wide selection of cryptocurrencies and many more.

While being full featured, we always continue to work around keeping it as simple as possible for the customer.

Thank you for complimenting the aesthetics of the website! We hope you get to use us in the future. If you do, please be sure to leave feedback about your experience. If you ever have any questions we are always happy to answer them on Steemit, via live chat or by email!

Have a great week!

Thanks for a very detailed reply!

How to contact you for a possible partnership ?

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And you can add Fiat on the exchange? That is what you can Steam sell for dollars or euros. And then a lot of stuff at a place where and where to sell. And since the author handsome made an interesting post on a good topic. I like to subscribe like and repost.

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One PageX. com. I have a request for information on where to log in to make an exchange. Because I've recently joined the Steemit community

Hi pawel1234. does not require you to log in. If you would like to get some STEEM, just simply go to and make an exchange!

I was tagging you in one of my posts and didn’t recieve your upvote.
I‘m just wondering if the service is still running and everything is working? @OnePageX

Once in a while the upvote bot takes a break to restore some power. It is currently online.

Awesome, will it skip the mentions for a while or will they end up in a queue and get their votes later?

Thanks for the awesome service and quick reply.

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It will skip them, so please go to the mention comment, edit it, and add a random character or space and save the edit. That will treat it as a new post.


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++++,,add anon assets guys - XZC DASH ZEC EXCL XMR etc.Thank you alot. Plus, the money arrived. Stay awesome. Thank you for the shout-out as well.

DASH and XMR are already there

You just planted 0.10 tree(s)!

Thanks to @ucukertz

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Great updates guys!
More power!

thank for sharing your updates on steem ! to the moon !

🚀 🌕

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Excellent, now its really looking good. The real development I can see over last 2/3 months is that from BTC you have expanded the list of incoming tokens to as many as 9 tokens including steem. I am sure you can get good mileage here in this ecosystem by including steem. I will definitely try next time.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Thanks! We will continue adding more incoming cryptocurrencies so please keep us in mind!

Please can you add steem dollar to steem then I will probably use this a lot.

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This is cool. But it doesnot include the conversion of sbd to steem.

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At this time we do not have SBD as an asset. Our goal was to get STEEM fully integrated first due to community requests. We will let the community know if we pursue adding SBD as well.

This good and kind of generous to small whale on the steemit platform,kudis

Thanks for the updates!