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Technological change has been one of the major tools in modern day development. Are humans fully informed about the development of change? There is no pat answer to this question. Technology wasn’t generally acceptable with the benefit of foresight, however, with the introduction of computers and machines that aids in the capability of workforce it doesn’t seem more as less crucial as visionaries tends to invent new tools to simplify the life of mankind. The introduction of cryptocurrencies most notably bitcoin several years ago has been the high point to a more structuralized economical policy of the marketplace. As networking becomes the norms around the globe, one can harness several innovative ideas to users as they truly would become receptive to change. Businesses and transaction is a major activity that happens in almost every networking platform, but the fact still remains most of this transaction carried out by individuals are usually centralized thereby causing the process to be more complicated and complex. In a tangled situation like this, customers usually the buyer face unpleasant issues such as fraud, bugging on the site, insecure account etc.



Engaging in several activities such as writing contest, trading, sharing information, and even networking could come with pecuniary advantages. This asset could be sold and converted into money. However, some perpetrators give impression about transacting with genuine users defrauding them in the process. This has been a perennial issue over the years and it is quite awful.


Accounts have been reported of been compromise on several occasions. This is due to the fact that passwords are usually centralized thereby constraining users the plenary power to control the activities on their account. This serves as an impediment as users have to deal with complexity on a daily routine to access their account.


Different innovative have been established over the years, but none have ostensibly been able to tackle the complications. But with the introduction of, I can emphatically guarantee that it is the panacea towards lasting problem of exchange and transaction as this complication would definitely cease to exist. networking platform possesses expert with high acuity to help provide tools that seem like more of paraphernalia for a smooth, seamless and transparent transaction.

WHAT IS is a decentralized platform that assists users by carrying out transaction activity in a secured and transparent from through the aid of blockchain technology. This is a platform that offers the simplest and fastest way to convert crypto without any hassle. has a cool feature that enables users to make multiple exchanges from one page. All that is needed for the user is to bookmark the page or save the URL and can always back and make more transaction as well. Users can now have multiple cards with multiple transactions on each card.



Networking is a form of interaction between individuals around the globe. Over the years, networking only had to do with sharing of stories, information etc but with essential designs created for business, it can now be deduce that this features are pretty insightful because it offers a strong projection for the massive influx of business policy in the global market. offers crypto users the chance to carry out transactions in multiple forms in a more secured, seamless and transparent way.
It is imperative to denote that doesn’t just stand as an exchange platform, but also as a platform where realizable assets are been kept and invested which in future can be converted to money. partners with blockchain portfolio to ensure a safe communication between users that wants to transact is made possible. In retrospect, exchange between users can be carried out through the p2p transaction means as a result of one’s state of mind being dubious, contacts doesn’t have a contingency plan to recourse to if things should go pear shape. But with a platform like, wealth and assets can be immerse by reaching out a dialogue through the help of blockchain.
The rate at which other exchange charges for transaction is prohibitive and seems to be another added disadvantage. But assures that a lesser amount been paid for exchanges and transaction between individuals.



Michael is shrewd businessman and also a computer maverick, he’s engage in different businesses from investing in altcoins to creating awareness for his technological advances. However, his account always seems compromise and this is due to the fact that the networking platform that is used in sharing information lack accurate implementation to propel his business. He has lost several of his assets as a result of unceasing upgrade from the exchange platform he is using, unbeknownst to him the main of this platform is to extort user by means of profiteering through high charges required during transaction. So what solution is there to proffer?
He curiously started surfing the internet for a solution, and then under the review of an expert he was introduced to a networking platform he meticulously studied all night until he was convince to register and try!

  1. How does this solve his problem?
  2. He now possesses plenary power on his account.
  3. His wallet and assets are safe and secured
  4. He can now operate transaction at low cost
  5. offers cool features such as multiple means to carry out transaction on a single page.
  6. Transactions and storability of assets are now carried out in a more seamless, effective and transparent way.


One of the most anticipated applications of blockchain by businesses is the use of non-fungible tokens in a supply chain to battle counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, most tokenization inniatives only focus on fulfilling an ideaologybut fail to provide actual business value over existing blockchain solutions. I expect tokenization to be the subject of pilots for the coming years, followed by major shake out before we get to see these solutions have any impact on industries.

Basically if the token is based on ethereum’s ERC -20 standard, it will support all Ethereum based wallets.


Trusting upon blockchain to handle day-to-day business processes is a first step towards mass adaptation and creation of strategic business value. Organization must be allowed to experience the benefits of the blockchain as supportive technology.
I am inclined to adduce that the platform application system should be upgraded in a form whereby there will be other new options where users can acquire fascinating concept and this gets to interplay with the uniqueness of their system.



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