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Fork Countdown Timer

Austin here, just wanted to spotlight the fresh countdown timer we have running over at This allows you to drop in and check how many days, hours, and minutes until the security fork!

I also want to provide some helpful links below for any fellow Steemians who would like to dive deeper into NewYorkCoin.

Helpful Links

  • Awesome Community - Our Discord community is thriving more than ever! Here you can join the friendly and ever growing community that NewYorkCoin is known for, all while getting free NYC rained on your head just for being an active member! Join the party over at We also have a ton of bounties located in the bounties-contests channel where you can earn thousands of NYC for simple social media tasks!

  • For Techies - Check out our community block explorer located at to keep up with the NewYorkCoin blockchain. This explorer is helpful for tracking your transactions and the like.

  • For Shoppers - Looking to spend your NewYorkCoin on physical purchases and the like? No worries! There are tons places all over the world where you can spend your NewYorkCoin. To perform a quick search, simply visit to find a location that accepts NewYorkCoin near to you.
    If you want to do some online shopping with your NewYorkCoin, you can also visit and shop their vast array of great items, all of which can be paid for with NewYorkCoin and other cryptocurrencies, and shipped directly to your door.

  • For Miners - I personally recommend using the mining pool located at as it has been the most reliable and user friendly pool for NYC that I have used.

  • For Insights - This interview with James Burrell II is one of the best interviews on the topic of NewYorkCoin to date in my humble opinion. James is extremely knowledgeable in not only NewYorkCoin, but the cryptocurrency space as whole, check out this amazing read over at

  • For Roadmap - I encourage you to stop by and check out our Community Team Roadmap located at Here you can keep up with the teams progress.

Helpful Wallet Links

As always, thank you guys so much for stopping by and checking out my article. Happy hodling! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

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