Why STEEM is dropping price during STEEMfest?steemCreated with Sketch.

in crypto •  3 months ago

The market is deflating ?

There is no new money coming to crypto

There is too little hype ?

  • It seems that attendance is not what expected if one was to judge by the ammount of posts using the #steemfest tag.
  • Also te rewards are kinda low.

There is too much focus on dApps

Steemit thrives in blogging and calls many normies that are quickly disspointed, as the normies leave... Who is going to use the dApps ?

What can we do to help?

@ned wants to bring normies in... And he is right to do so... But what is the incentive for normies to produce quality content ?

The talks about 50/50 curation rewards is another worry for normies... as is they already get little rewards... If 50% of them now go to investors... aren't we trying to kill the source of hype ?

As a small investor I hope to see more attention by the big stakeholders about user adoption and retention

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This is the way the market is, these events always generate high expectations and the market reacts the other way, we should have learned the lesson by now...

Anyway, good time to accumulate a little more steem...


oh, ok... it is normal then, no mistakes or steering direction change needed?


Sure there are mistakes and there should be direction changes, but i dont think it reflects on price... Price is for now just speculative, all crypto market is acting the same...


that is if you compare against other cryptos, but depending on the referential index you use you will realize that when there is an event there is price momentum... Upward momentum.

And even thou all crypto are bearish nodawys, this particular one should have at least keep value, right now there is a massive dump happening as many big accounts are in power down

I guess before the Token system release the economy of blockchain will become stable. But we have to face the fact that Steem is changing. The time when Steem was a solo blogging platform is old story. I used to reject this changes, i used to hate most of dapps. Now i just understand this changes and im trying to adapt.

But what is the incentive for normies to produce quality content ?

What is the incentive for investors to invest, power up, and make it possible for “normies” to earn posting rewards in the first place?

Without buyers of STEEM, the tokens are worthless. Why should our focus be on those looking to earn a living by dumping the tokens instead of on those buying and holding them? You won’t get more investment if the incentives don’t reward investors and are instead skewed towards those who have no reason whatsoever to buy and hold...or even to not continuously sell.

If nobody can figure that out in this inflationary system, then Steem is done.


IF normies come they create hype, they promote outside... steem increases value...
If they dont we are with tokens that deflate in value... this is a matter of equilibrium like most markets...

BTW most normies I deal with in 3rd wold countryes, the one users that can reap the most benefits of steem sell their tokens outside the exchange markets in local currency to their more rich countyr man so those normies are not dumping steem...

The ones playting in the exchanges are the big boys


You know I have never understood this, I know what you mean when you say "Without buyers of STEEM, the tokens are worthless. Why should our focus be on those looking to earn a living by dumping the tokens instead of on those buying and holding them?" but I don't agree with it. Someone sure is buying or nobody would be dumping, could it be that these instances of the price going down are in reality planned by the really big investors?

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