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Tachyon Protocol is a decentralized network that is focused on creating a secure, private and very fast internet access to its users. The tachyon protocol is built upon the technology of X-VPN; a virtual private network provider with over two million downloads per month. The protocol is also built upon the V systems, a general purpose blockchain system that is focused on building reliable decentralized applications. This essentially means that Tachyon protocol combines already existing technologies (X-VPN) with the advantages accrued to blockchain systems (V systems). Tachyon protocol aims to improve the widely known TCP/IP internet infrastructural model that is commonly used. With the Tachyon Protocol network, users can enjoy great data speed, encrypted connections and maximum privacy. VPN providers, Cloud storage providers, Decentralized finance applications can also be great beneficiaries of the protocol.

Problems associated with Traditional TCP/IP Models
The TCP/IP model is a very common internet communication protocol that has been in use for more than 36years. While almost all internet providers have come to rely on this model, there are problems associated with it that makes the model unreliable to use with increasing technological advancement and data theft concerns. Some of these problems are:
• A central server which means that a single node failure would cause the entire network to be unavailable;
• The Transport layer protocol used in congestion control often results in bandwidth and time wastage when there are network fluctuations;
• Internet Protocol (IP) is tied to physical address of the internet user. This makes the layer prone to exploitation by both hackers and industry marketers.
• Due to costs, many platforms use the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) to transmit their sensitive data which makes it highly unsafe and prone to interception.

Solutions offered by Tachyon Protocol
• The Tachyon Protocol is launched on a blockchain system (V systems), which means there is no central server but series of nodes that are interconnected, this eliminates the problem of a single point of failure.
• The transport layer used in Tachyon Protocol is known as the UDP (User Datagram Protocol). The UDP offers bandwidth auto scaling and maximizes throughput efficiency.
• Tachyon has developed a distributed hash table (DHT) for pair to pair routing and addressing which would have tracker less features. This means that hackers and industry marketers can no longer track users of the Tachyon platform.
• Tachyon Security Protocol is deployed for end-to-end encryption of all information on the network which offers it maximum security and prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

Core Features of Tachyon Protocol

The focus of Tachyon Protocol is on improving already existing technologies in regards to- Privacy, Security, Flexibility, Speed and Costs. These essential needs are what gave birth to the features of the protocol and they include;
Tachyon Booster UDP- this is the Tachyon model and it is analogous to the widely used TCP/IP model. The User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is found in the transport layer of the Tachyon Protocol and is responsible for the connection and transmission speed of messages on an Internet Protocol network. In connection with other components of the Tachyon Protocol, the Tachyon Booster UDP can deliver optimum transmission efficiency and acceleration.

Tachyon Security Protocol - this feature is responsible for messages encryption and security, concealing IP packets and preventing man in the middle attacks. It also helps in preventing network sniffing- a situation where an attacker can analyze a network and intercept data. Security on the protocol is achieved by encrypting connection, adding random data to the transmission content, hash algorithms etc.

Tachyon Anti-content Analysis- this feature aids security and privacy of the protocol. It decomposes and forwards information by distributing data through multiple channels at the same time. Information can also be forwarded by multiple encryptions thereby protecting the identity of the sender.

Tachyon SDK- this feature is responsible for easy integration of the Tachyon Protocol with other blockchains. It supports all popular programming languages and it’s cost effective compared to traditional TCP/IP models.

IPX Token- this is the native token of the Tachyon Protocol ecosystem and resides on the V ecosystem with an initial supply of 1 billion. This utility token is used to incentivize Tachyon ecosystem contributors, used as a mode of payment and settlement of network participants, used as an indicator of commitment(via staking) by users, and also, a means of identity verification of the network participants.

Practical Use Cases of Tachyon Protocol

Being a security protocol, Tachyon Protocol can be deployed in just any field of life. Some of these fields are:
VPNs: Virtual Private Networks can largely benefit by deploying Tachyon Protocol between their clients and content servers for added security and privacy.
Decentralized Storage: Many decentralized storage facilities can benefit from Tachyon Protocol as it adds an extra layer of protection and encryption of information both during transmission and storage.
CDNs: The Tachyon Protocol distributes millions of nodes around the world, thanks to its decentralized nature. Content Distribution Networks can largely benefit from this large amount of quantity and coverage.
Decentralized Finance: Decentralized Finance applications can use the extra layer of security and Privacy that the Tachyon Protocol offers.
Internet of Things: Tachyon Protocol can be used as the IoT communication protocol to provide a more secure and fast information transmission service.
DNS: Tachyon Protocol is capable of providing a fully decentralized and highly secure Domain Name System (DNS) which would discourage monopolization of the industry.

Other Points to Know

  • IPX token is listed on Bithumb exchange;
  • The Tachyon VPN is already functional and the link can be found on the website;
  • The alpha version of the Tachyon Node Manager is live and available for download;
  • Staking of IPX tokens is live;
  • The founding team members are vastly experienced and has established successful cryptocurrency products;
  • IPX tokens can be stored on V-Wallet, V Cold wallet, Walk wallet and Dalong APP.

The Tachyon Protocol is a one of its kind Project in the Blockchain Industry. With prior experience on the issues that affect internet security and privacy, it is easy to see how this protocol can vastly improve any network or application that is integrated to it.
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