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Digital Asset storage is facing lots of challenges like hacking, destroyed, misplaced, stolen and many more. Whether you keep the assets in online wallets or hardware wallets, both have its pros and cons but none of them provide the full proof security.

Goldilock has a goal to transform the data storage and data security across the internet. The innovation of storage system with Goldilock provides the access of digital keys and assets to a user when he needs it while being disconnected from the internet through their non-IP technology with a number of security authentications.

Base of Goldilock's Solution

Goldilock has kept in mind the following three principles to build the solution:

1- Quick access to personal data only for the short period to prevent hacking.
2- Personal Data always be kept away from physical contact when not in use by the user. Full backup of Personal data.
3- Quick accessibility of personal data and private keys to users as per their need.

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Sensitive Digital Data Management

As we all understand the security of digital assets is a key concern with the increased number of issues and Goldilock is giving a solution to address the same. Goldilock has designed an encrypted storage device, which will be stored in a vault within a secure data center. This device will only get active once the end user chooses to access it. This device will remain active only for the time it is connected to the internet and post that nobody (including Goldilock) can have access to the keys or the data stored in it. The end user does not have to worry about copying the keys or losing them. This will make the end user’s experience easy and safe.

Combination of Cold & Hot Storage



The aim of Goldilock is to create an eco-system of secured digital asset storage. And the combination of cold and hot storage bring out that perfectly. Combination of both the storage system is done via “airgap” technology.


AIRGAP will allow an end user to remotely control the security and storage keys of the sensitive digital devices. The other important feature is the storage of data in wallets, so they are stored offline. Considering the data and the keys will be kept offline most of the time using airgap technology, it can’t be hacked or stolen.

NEO as Platform of choice

A secured platform is a goal for Goldilock and I guess NEO could be a perfect choice when it comes to security. NEO has a plan to built a secure blockchain process combining smart contract, digital assets, and digital identity.

NEO is using "Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance" (dBFT); This enables to process series of a transaction without any transaction cost. Further, this mechanism allows a much faster experience of transactions which at current state is around 10,000 transactions per second.

Besides this, NEO has a complete attention to regulatory governance and compliances.

Integration of Goldilock Technology

With the online world, we all understand the sensitivity of data. Leading institutions and government corporations have to invest a lot of time and money to take care of the sensitive information. Even we individuals keep our digital assets spread out in several wallets to keep in mind the safety measures. In spite of that, we keep on hearing the cases of hacking, stealing and misusing of data. The Goldilock vision of security of the data can put an end to all these unknown threats and it can integrate into our day to day life.

Security is a much-needed aspect of the internet world. Whether it's the data of clients of insurance/ banking company or the database of students of a university or it's an individual data, if the technology can provide the security and safety it will be a relief to our present lifestyle.

My Take

The security is the priority of time. The security offered by Goldilock through "airgap" technology will stop hacking or theft and it will increase the confidence of users especially from the point of view of cryptocurrency safety.

Token Allocation



Token : LOCK Token
Total Supply: 1 Billion

More Information

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