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The crypto world is witnessing a decent amount of revolutionizing ideas in recent years. Caspian is one of the best ideas I come across, to organize the whole trading segment of the crypto market.

Existing Challenges

There are over 200 crypto coins and they are registered in different crypto exchange. Every platform has different interface & tools to perform transactions and due to issues like hacking, it is not practical for any investor to have access to all the platform. Further, compliance is another big concern for now.

Caspian- a Unique Platform

Caspian is providing an ecosystem to crypto investors where they can connect and operate several trading platforms through a single user-friendly interface. If you have dealt with Nasdaq or an exchange in the U.S., you need to get an account open with a broker and then you deal with the securities listed in Nasdaq or any other exchanges in the U.S., so similar to that concept, Caspian is trying to bridge the gaps of crypto traders/ investors are facing. It aims to work as an intermediary between stakeholder and exchanges (all across the world) in order to become an all-in-one investor-focused portfolio management system.



Caspian targets the three major functions:

  1. The management and execution system (Execution): It is a platform that allows the necessary options to see the best rates available for all the exchanges.

  2. Position and risk management: PMS and RMS enable the users to take an informed decision after reviewing the reports of all his historical and current trades, comparing investment or reinvestment opportunities.

  3. Compliance: There are two types of limits exists: Pre-trade and post-trade limits. Pre-trade limits are implemented by Caspian at different stages of a trade and such limits have to be acknowledged, else execution of a trade order could be delayed. There are three limit types in pre-trade limits: (A) Warning limits - This limit could be ignored as it is an alert message if the user broke a rule. ;(B): Approval limits - This limit indicates that a supervisor must approve the order before it can be executed. and; (C): Absolute limits - This limit can never be ignored.

  4. Reporting: To have a complete picture of investment, the Caspian platform offers financial tools to their users to create graphic reports of their operations in PDF or Excel formats. This helps the end user to analyze the trade and his risk exposure easily.

Caspian Backing

Caspian is a joint venture created by TORA, a global order and execution management (OEMS) platform and Kenetic (a blockchain technology company). TORA is the leading provider of advanced investment management technologies which support the equities and derivatives trading. More information is available here. On the other side, Kenetic, is a blockchain technology and consulting company and is focused on the development of blockchain platforms. For detailed information, please visit.

How Caspian means ease for investor



Caspian is providing a platform where an investor is equipped with all the required financial tools and information including access to the best rates available among all the exchanges, the broad choices of cryptocurrencies in one pocket, current & historical trades summary at one place. The other important benefit of this platform is the auto-reconciliation of the positions against each individual exchange. These all features helps an investor to have their profit/loss account, comparative price history, investment/ divestment history all handy at one place.

For an investor, these all tools help him to take a quick decision with the convenience of managing his portfolio at one place.

Set Limits and Alerts

Alerts & Limits are always a sense of relief for me. Do you wonder why? I don’t have to track the prices where I would want to dispose off my asset or accumulate more. I don’t have to monitor them every day several times. I can place the limits and just forget about it because I know the platform will operate my limits.

I can summarise the benefits of setting the limits and alert are-

  1. Investors do not need to monitor the exchange rate.
  2. Investors get an update by notification in real time.
  3. Less stress means happy investors.

Caspian Team


Caspian Advisors

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Caspian Tokens

The Caspian token (CSP) is an ERC-20 complaint token to be issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Though it is not necessary to have tokens to access the platform, yet they can be used to access some functions and benefits offered by Caspian.

Please watch this short video about Caspian for more information:

Feel free to read more about Caspian via the following platforms:

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DISCLAIMER: The above information is for educational purposes only. The information contained within this post shall not be taken as financial advice.

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