Fine! All your posts, even the Kruger Park one, are very good reasons why everybody should ignore you.

Nobody here is interested in you wanting to make money! We want people who want to contribute to the community, whether by posting photographs you take, or articles, poetry or stories you write. In other words, SHOW us what you want to contribute.

Posts with a title and basically nothing else, means you are toast and nobody will give you even one koeksister, never mind an upvote.

I strongly suggest you take a day or two off to look at the posts by others, and read the posts for newbies, for example

If you do it correctly, you will then find you have questions. Ask a shit like me, not some idiot who tells you how great your post was - if you want to learn.

There is a strong South African community and a Greek one, but first learn how to post in an attractive and interesting way, and then introduce yourself.