Warrior Crypto Poet: “CONTROL FREAK”

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When you get up in the morning, do you ever weep?
When you go to bed at night, how do you ever sleep?

Oh you, silly, silly thing.
Oh you, silly, silly thing.

The way you carry on like you can do no wrong.
Just a perfect portrait of life where you belong,
A catchy sample from a classic song…

Your confidence is amazing!
Your blindness is dazzling!
Your confusion is baffling!

How did ever survive long enough to pretend?
To believe your lies would never ever end?
To even think that you could just carry on,
Playing out the deck at 2 to 1…

Oh you, silly, silly thing.
Oh you, silly, silly thing.

I swear you’ve got your wires crossed.
You caught the train of thought then forgot where to get off.
You somehow believe that they agree with you,
Even though you fuck up everything you do.

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This would be great as lyrics for a song. I could try write some music for it when I get the time...🙏

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@enjoycompany - funny you should say that as they are indeed lyrics and I have the guitar riffs in mind as well as the tone to sing it: think: Live - Lightning Crashes With Lyrics - YouTube
Currently, I have practically 0 steampower to even post replies or content and almost 0 views of my content... any help would be great!


That is good to hear @nickythecat, how to find your YouTube song? I would like to check it out. Re SP you need to power up all you get on Steemit and build up your SP so it starts to grow on its own. I just became a minnow after just under a year on the platform. Still have a long way to go but it’s great to have something to offer others when I upvote. Also if you invest some steem or sbd in promoting your posts, your SP will also grow nicely. Best of luck 🙏

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