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RE: Choon: NOTES Unlock And Valuation

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Well written in simple language, just the way I like it. The way I see it, NOTES is more of a loyalty scheme to unlock features on the platform so you can do more with it rather than having a price.

Let's face it, none of these crypto sites are made to be easy to get money out and used in real life and so the masses will not come because it is far easier right now to send money by bank transfer or PayPal. Therefore no real value in taking them out if it's an insignificant amount like less than £100 (plus you have to pay tax in the UK on anything converted from crypto to fiat).

I agree with your advice - keep hodl of notes and focus on why you make music, share your sounds wherever you want, don't get caught up with the money side and most importantly - HAVE FUN!

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mh same ... value added tax on buying/selling cryptons in E.U. ... plus an ethereum transaction fee ?

i dont even know how those work , BTC used to have the option of no fees just as well when the world was young (unless i flipped dimensions somewhere) and now i have a wallet somewhere with like $20 worth i cant even move due to fees (on the client provided)
So in ETH, is 100k notes the same fee as 1000 ? got some digging to do

I don't know what the fees are as I am just going to be accumulating notes in these first couple of years and wait to see thr developments that happen with Choon.

I know some people from @atomcollector have taken notes out and have had some experience converting crypto to fiat. They may be able to help if you aren't in their discord already.

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Thanks but i saw on the profile you need like 250 000 notes to even get your own custom banner so i guess i'll be collecting too hahah.

I'm not sure what the incentive would be other than a google + or a facebook like but well ...

i got the tracks lying around and i never put them online in over 20 years ttogether so we'll see :) its not like i can diss out a video for flixxo every week anyway and here there's the downvote-problem making investing in it a risky business ...

Yea, I mentioned in my first comment from the thread that I think it's more of a loyalty scheme where features are unlocked the more NOTES you hold. As for Google +, well, as of April, that won't exist any more. Google sent an email out that they will be shutting that all down.

I haven't heard of flixxo actually, don't know about the downvote problem but I get what you mean, videos do take longer if you want to make a proper one rather than a still image.

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