Is the new SURFACE coming? Lisk - an increase of 29.83% in 24h !!!

in crypto •  2 years ago 

Lisk - an increase of 29.83% in 24h !!!

I have been waiting for such messages for a long time :)

But would you mind? Does the LSK attack another ATH or is it a false alarm?

I do not know, but I strongly believe in this project and I keep the developers thumbs ... Probably many will say that this is nothing breakthrough and that the applications on javascript is nothing big in the end is very much but in my opinion Lisk's power lies just in his simplicity And that language knows many programmers, and Lisk itself can reach that wider audience, and it will soon be: D

Today's price is around $ 6.32
Market Cap: $ 724 524 836


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