Crypto Market Has been Flat as a Pancake

in crypto •  7 months ago

Crypto Market Has been Flat as a Pancake

Bit Coin Price Pushing Down To $7000

Its been flat to be honest the market in the past few weeks and month. Nothing much happening the global media have taken a step back and the price has gone side ways.

Its disappointing for us all here with no gains for sure to cash out and spend it appears to me as just a waiting game. As people just are waiting now till in my view the supply of the coins starts to dry up and the price moves up again.

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This is sort of scary , I don’t even know what to expect anymore

This could last a while. It might take a global crisis to send prices higher.

Just as it always does before the next bull run!!

Hello, how are you in health? opinions go opinions come this is uncertain
We are still waiting every day, thanks for keeping me up to date


Yeah just wait and see game still recovering not 100% yet. Let hope Steem price improves

Absolutely right thought... Crypto market is now freefall...@newmarket65
Crypto future is now hanging...

very good post for crypto market price.

Really you are geving a very good crypto message sharing with us " thanks for this post

Crypto market is going to be crash ...Like your example..@newmarket65

Crypto market is going to be crash ...Like your example..@newmarket65

Yeah falling of crypto market is very disappointing for us. But i think end of the December 2017 it's rising very high as i think we have to need more patience to again see the magical moments of crypto market. Crypto market never be fall just fall for a little moments.

That's true, the market is reflecting on slipping side but i am an true Hodler and i will HODL because this market is volatile and we can see good times anytime. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

A strong support is at 6150$ so it may trade in a 1000$ range but we will be able to see some bullish moves soon