New Team Page in ICO Account

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нейр2.png is ready to release a new version of the Team page in ICO accounts. The new version is going to have new features that will give a deeper insight of projects’ teams. The changes will primarily target the validity of identities featuring on the list of team members.

Right now, the highest level of identity validation is via a mobile phone whilst the new version of team page will allow conducting more thorough validation procedures involving photos of IDs and photos with IDs also known as KYC. The new measures should prevent appearance of fake advisers and team members on projects’ teams. Also, we will add a report function that will allow advisers and other people to report their false appearances on ICO teams.

The mechanisms that will prevent falsifications of the teams will include the verification of LinkedIn account links, cross-matching of team members’ names on different projects and photograph cross-matching. The new team section will allow three levels of identity confirmation for all team members and advisers.

Another important change is the details of team members’ statistics in all ICO and blockchain projects they took part in along with a description of their work and professional background. There will be the button “Details” against each project member’s photo, by clicking on it one will access that information.

The team-related factors can be of high value for the overall assessment of a project if the scoring system recognises them as particularly important. Anyway, the projects that will try to falsify their team info may be seriously downgraded or considered scam.

The changes on project teams will come into force this week.

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