How to Avoid Getting and Scammed by Fake Neironix Admins

in #crypto4 years ago


We have noticed a high increase in scammer activity in our English Telegram chat. People copy our admins’ profile photos and try to pass as for our real admins who have the following usernames: Alex Venon (@venon_sm), Nika Berrington (@dominicakoks), Oleg (@oleg121), Eva Evgen’evna (@Eva_Nope), Ikrom Ergashev (@Ikromzhon86). Pay attention to the usernames, check them if necessary, it is really worth your money.

Our admins do not make copies of their accounts and are all marked as admins in the chat. If you have doubts about the identity under the account, you can find the corresponding admin in chat description and see whether you have had that talk with him/her.

Please, stay alert. We also do not normally convince any of our chat members to make investments. All our publications concerning investment instructions and other materials related to our token sale are published on our official pages and in our Telegram channel.

Beware of scammers, be loyal to Neironix and be safe!:-)

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