#NEO looks really good for long term right now, we have many indicators to realize that.

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#Neo The Antshares Story is not yet over!

#NEO looks really good for long-term right now, we have many indicators to realize that.


  1. support and resistance: as you can see we have huge support at 2100sat-2500sat.

  2. Elliott Wave: we can see here 1,2,3,4,5 waves and #NEO sitting on the support so we will see soon ABC correction.

  3. Falling Wedge: as you can see we have beautiful falling wedge here and we will see soon a break.

  4. RSI: RSI here is pretty low right now facing up.

  5. MACD: as you can see MACD here looks just like the MACD in DEC 17 before the explosion


  1. its lack of Chinese Economic Market Strength, when they back we will see some huge pumps

  2. Government intervention

  3. Negative International trade relations like Us government and president Trump .

The story for Neo is far from over, Good key coins that must go with it will be #GAS, #BTC
We see NEO as the best mid-term opportunity to buy if you understand all the factors we mention.

Today is the 27.8.2018, we will be really disappointed if we don't see the Fiat money of neo #Gas and #Neo itself going 1000% By 2019.

Legal stuff: this commentary about #NEO isn't a recommendation or any advice!
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