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I have been pretty busy lately, as any (few) regular readers have probably noticed. I am really not one for forcing out less-quality content in the name of having regular content, but given it’s been a week or two since my last post I figured I needed to do something.

So, today is kind of a “best of” post. If you are yet to read these posts below then you might want to check them out; they are pretty timeless and probably some of my better posts.


3 Mini Hacks for Android

Have an android phone? Here are 3 tips that you won’t find in most “improve your android” lists of tips.


Turn Your Browser into a Fort

Fight viruses and keep your computer secure by beefing up browser security.


An OP-ED about an OP-ED: A conspiracy against Bitcoin? And do you really have control of your own money?

My commentary on a commentary of banks being overreaching and closing an account of a crypto trader.


Increase your productivity: Use Email Filters

How to use email filters to keep your inbox clean.


The Bitcoin “Flippening”: Why it won’t happen

Why we are a lot safer from the “Flippening” then some people think.

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