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What is BSC TOKEN?

The BSC Token is a New Coin issued by Bitcoin Investors Trust, this Token can be bought immediately on the market: idex.market/eth/bsc.

Who is Bitcoin Investors Trust Bitcoin Investors Trust Company, SLU is a company incorporated in 2015 as a limited partnership in Girona, although managed funds first start quoting in March 2014 at LitecoinInvest web portal.

Today investors have patronage contracts with companies that are formalized with the issuance of certificates that can be downloaded in the private area of ​​the web. The legal person in the Anglo-Saxon world is called crowfunding equity. Given that investment growth is constant, the recipient

for trading is being processed at MAB (Alternative Stock Market).

BTC (bitcoin), LTC (litecoin) and EUR (euro) are currently managed. Although the main purpose of the company is to increase the bitcoin stored in the asset, the official unit of calculation is the Euro.

There are over 250 small and more than 50 eligible retail investors whose goal is investment in projects and companies associated with cryptocoin. Investment activity is private and disclosed only to investors.

Trading BTC: bitcoin wallet: www.electrum.org
LTC: litecoin purse: www.electrum-ltc.org
EUR: CaixaBank, business headquarters number 8636 from Barcelona - Glòries.

Market Exchange Token BSC: IDEX and ETHEN MARKET

More info visit:

Website : www.investbtceur.com
FAQ : https://www.investbtceur.com/en/faq/

Address: Avenida Lluís Pericot, 46 Local 2B 17003 - GIRONA, Cataluña (Spain).

Phone: + (34) 972 29 66 34/691 540 130
Hours of operation: Horario: 10: 00h - 18: 00h
Telegram: @BitcoinStartupCapital or https://t.me/Accionistas_BSC
Email: [email protected]