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I have been giving a degree of thought to a couple of different ideas, but similar intentions. I spent a lengthy unit of time trying to get into contact with people that I know of enough about to assume that that either she/he could assist, or would be able to point me closer into the right direction. A few mornings ago I was reading this article: .I was impressed with the thought instead of boxminers and cryptomining hardwares, which use so much energy, what if somehow we could make a way where proof-of-work is measured by how much energy was stored?
Months ago, I was thinking about some of the technologies that I am aware of such as: ultraviolet air cleaners in ventilation systems, ozone machines and ionizers, large scale water purifiers and saline filters, etc. And I was thinking, that wouldn’t it be cool if there was a collective way to quantify and measure techniques to purify this planet. Substantiated by the principles of cryptocurrencies.
So a few days ago, I went on a tangent to try to reach out to some of this intelligent people that I follow on Steemit, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to simply private message any one. Steemit is so good in all that it is doing, but I haven’t found my way around sufficiently to understand how people network with each other. Any one who would be interested in ideas like this, let me know.

Ask me about CBD.

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This morning I was thinking about the difficulty and expenses of running fiber for high speed internet out to rural communities. That could be another "proof of work" for a cryptocurrency...

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