Europe’s BitBay Crypto Exchange Adds Tron (TRX Coin) Support To Platform

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Ripple xRapid Blockchain Payment Product is Coming Per Reports, XRP Coin Hodlers Rejoice? BitBay cryptocurrency exchange has listed the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency to its platform . This is expected to give the exchange and the cryptocurrency a more extensive reach through their cooperation.
Tron's TRX Addition To BitBay Exchange
The Tron (TRX) token has been added to the BitBay exchange as announced recently. The Tron addition to the BitBay exchange affords its users to trade TRX to Bitcoin, US dollars, Polish Zloty, and Euro.
Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON noted that BitBay is one of the biggest digital asset exchanges in Europe. Sun further said that the listing on BitBay is another milestone for Tron, as it shows a significant step in its expansion into the European market. The partnership of the two firms is believed by Sun as a means to provide the crypto community with more purchasing channels that are safer and more convenient.

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Patryk Kadlec, VP, Chief of Business Development at BitBay stated that Tron is an ambitious project , and the firm has no doubt that its protocol is one of the most significant blockchain ecosystems in the world today. Kadlec further said that the exchange is proud to list Tron on its platform and giving its users access to the cryptocurrency. This move, he hopes will drive more attention to the Tron project than ever before.
BitBay And Tron’s Recent Growth
BitBay, an E.U. cryptocurrency exchange has released a Chinese version of its platform, which will make the exchange more appealing to a portion of the Asia market. So also the platform has added ten new cryptocurrencies since June 2018, this has created a variety of digital asset for its users.
Further, BitBay just introduced top 100 TRX trader contest to its platform as it list Tron with a total prize of 400,000 TRX. The contest starts from September 20 to October 4, 2018, and the participants will be ranked based on their TRX trading volume traded on the TRX/BTC market. All that is needed to participate is a verified account and available balance. This is intended to increase the trading of Tron on the BitBay platform.
Meanwhile, Tron (TRX) has undergone considerable growth since May 31st that its MainNet was launched. The MainNet launch gives the Tron blockchain high scalability of 2000 transactions per seconds, a status that is higher than the top cryptocurrencies projects as at now.
So also, it became a full-fledged cryptocurrency and no longer a token based on ETH and ERC20 standard . The cryptocurrency has a market cap of $1.926 Billion, which makes it the 13th cryptocurrency in the world global ranking.
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