How to Setup JSEcoin to Mine on the Web

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I have been exploring the benevolent and malevolent side of web crypto-mining. Check out my previous post on how it can be beneficial or caustic: Cryptocoin Web Miners – The Good and Bad   

One of the favorable experiences I have had is when I stumbled across a new crypto-coin recently, JSEcoin, that is positioning itself to be a positive tool for both website owner and web surfer. Unusually, this tool has the option to pay either website or surfer in their coin (JSE). A web host could add a snippet of code to their site to mine the coin from each visitor. Alternatively, anyone can use their interface to mine the coin for themselves. A very novel idea.    

There are several technologies in this space, but the one aspect that surprised me was how little impact the miner had on my system. The interface has a convenient slider to tune up or down the resource consumption. But even at the uppermost limit, I couldn’t noticeably detect any performance difference without firing up Windows Task Manager and verifying it was actually running in the background. Apparently, their mining code is optimized to use very little system resources. That makes a huge difference in the end-user experience.    

I have had the miner running in the background to test stability, resource spikes, and usability for a day. Mining can be done via webpage (their site) or with a standalone miner. I tested both and they return comparable results. Unlike other mineable crypto-coins, JSEcoins cannot be mined with GPU video cards or purpose-built ASIC machines that mine Bitcoin type of digital currencies. It is limited to regular PC’s and smartphones (which I haven’t played with yet).   

Mining JSEcoins 

If you are interested, anyone can join and play around with the technology. The interface is very friendly and mining is downright as easy as pushing a button. It does have tools to help webmasters integrate the tech into their websites and aspirations to eventually become a digital currency for web-market transactions. Currently it has opened an ICO – Initial Coin Offering for investors, but I don’t do such things.    

Step 1  

Go to the platform site and create an account. LINK (referral)  

Step 2  

Create/set a PIN (be sure to save this somewhere!)   

Step 3 

Select the Mining icon on the left navigation bar (looks like a trophy)  

Step 4 

Select the START MINING button. That’s it! (the first time, you will need to confirm your account via the email address you specified during registration)    

I recommend selecting the SETTINGS button and configuring the options to your preferences.    

For those of you who want the standalone mining app, which does not require your browser to be open, you can install it here: You will still need your login credentials created above in Step 1. Be sure to modify the SETTINGS tab for the features you want.  

I will be trying other platforms and keeping a close eye on advancements cybercriminals are making as I explore both the benevolent and malevolent side of web crypto-mining. Follow me to keep up with my latest findings.  


Mining setup was super easy and I’m getting up to 12k hashes per sec. it’s a cool lottery on earning coins. Been fun getting in early. Thanks for the tip.

Hi @mrosenquist the mining power will depend of each computer? or they just give us a x quantity of hashes to mine? i mean is like genesis minig?. Regards

It is much different than normal crypto-mining, where hashrate is king. Right now each miner that submits hashes basically get a lottery ticket for JSE of that round. So higher hashes, above 10k/s really don't give you an advantage. Neither do multiple systems mining, as you will only get 1 ticket for that block.

Just gave It a try with your reflink :)

Cool. Let me know what you think and if the mining setup was easy.