Fuck Gmail, get Dmail

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dmail - Beta Sign Up The dmail beta is almost live. What is dmail? It's email on the EOS blockchain, using tokens as a clever way to sign emails and keep the spammers away. Our beta is offering 1000 MAIL tokens to each beta user, this should be much more than we will offer during our airdrop. Questions? Join our telegram group: https://t.me/dmailcommunity

You can sign up for the beta here https://airtable.com/shr6KjmmqCQzsjkpd

If you would like to use my EOS account name as your referrer that would be awesome! My EOS name is


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So, we get given tokens, but once we have used them, we have to buy more...so, is not a free service...plus, offers anonymity, but they want you to use Telegram, from where they will get your real name.

I'm getting mixed messages from this. I think using an email like Proton will be safer

@moonunit nice! EOS based blockchain email. Curious to see how they handle Gov requests.

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