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The future of the game is beginning to change using Blockchain technology with the democratization of game development. For developers, democratization means a project that allows them to easily create their game concept with a significant cost reduction.

Although we will surely have different opinions regarding the future of the games, the current development trend seeks to improve only virtual reality performance and perception. Nevertheless, it is expected that games reach the point where we can see, hear, and feel inside the game. Game performance is not the only aspect that both gamers and developers want to be enhanced.

But the big companies still decide by themselves what is prioritized in game development. They focus the development resources to enhance the quality of virtual reality to the point where gaming feel "real". But, the gaming community interests are not taking into account, only the interest of corporations are taken care of.

The evolution of games is closely related to the advances in technology, but some technologies also owe their progress to games. One example is the GPU usage to mine several hundreds of cryptos. In much the same way that blockchain technology has democratized the trade of value in a decentralized, trustless, and secure fashion, it can be implemented to democratize gaming industry and address the needs of all the parties involved in such a profitable industry.

With the implementation of decentralization, the aim is to reinforce the importance of improving virtual reality experience by incentivizing developers and gamers to join a new paradigm of gaming business.

🎮 XAYA 🎮

Customizable platforms based on Blockchain is the future of games, with the blockchain secure transactions on a transparent system allows solving one of the main pain spots for gamers: Ownership of the virtual items. Xaya will create an ecosystem that also will grant real-world value to virtual items. Xaya will also create a market leveraged into the blockchain technology to allow a secure trade of virtual items and accounts.


We already have the technology needed to create a massive decentralized ecosystem. For instance mobile devices and the internet are globally widespread, we have the conditions required for the creation of a global gaming community that can reward developers and gamers for bringing value to this industry, and Xaya is the pioneer that will bring this dream to a reality.

Xaya blockchain-based technology has experienced developers and blockchain and business experts to ensure players an impressive game experience. While we are experiencing new frontiers and a potential for profit, they all exist in a harmonious environment designed to encourage all parties to invest their time and effort to boost a new paradigm that will boost to unforeseen levels the game industry.


  • Atomic transactions: The atomic transaction is a trade protocol that will allow the acquisition of elements of games in a secure, decentralized and trustless manner. Both parties have to sign the transaction for it to be carried out, thus fraud will be prevented.
  • Game channels: Xaya has developed an extension of the payment channels in Bitcoin that can be applied to track game movements between multiple players on side chains. Therefore, they help to scale Xaya to its overall target size. The same concept can also be used to enhance the performance of decentralized games to allow unlimited and almost real-time gameplay on the blockchain.
  • Ephemeral time stamp: They are discardable time labels that are used to prove who is the honest party when solving any dispute. Thanks to the ephemeral time stamps, a new protocol has been developed to ensure that the transaction fees that occur are never a loss for any honest participant.
  • It Is Not the Strongest of the Species that Survives But the Most Adaptable,
    Charles Darwin


    Based on the proven Namecoin technology, the Xaya blockchain will implement tradable gaming accounts and items in the game in a similar way to colored coins. This ensures that users property is tracked securely in the blockchain in a decentralized manner, and also allows atomic exchanges for CHI or between virtual articles and accounts.

    According to Xaya's wallapeper:

    The games on the Xaya platform will be based on the concept of a "game state". Customers track this state for specific games so that the Xaya client only needs to process and store states for games in which they are interested.

    The time stamp through the Xaya blockchain ensures that all the participants in each game reach a consensus on the state of the shared game in a decentralized and demonstrable way.


    Xaya's objective is to cover the mainstream and mobile gaming markets that have great appeal. In each phase, they add tools, products and services for developers and players that expand our reach in the video game industry, produce as many high-quality products as quickly as possible to attract players to the platform.

    Below is the Xaya roadmap, you can see tha they have been working in the project since 2013.

    🎮 GAMES 🎮

    The computer and video game industry have grown from focused markets to mainstream. They took in about $9.5 billion in the US in 2007, $11.7 billion in 2008, and $25.1 billion in 2010 (ESA annual report).

    Being a gamer means to be in love with video games, means to be people without any particular characteristic but sharing the same passion for the games. Therefore, true ownership of assets is a feature that will create rapid adoption and high rates of user retention.

    Each year, there are many opportunities arises to earn millions of dollars in the gaming industry. For instance, Clash of Clans strategy game for mobile devices achieved more than $45 million a month in revenue with some estimates suggesting up to $150 million per month.

    On Xaya, developers as players have an important role to ensure the success of the gaming ecosystem.



    Provably fair gameplayFully-, partially-, or non-decentralised game development
    Reliability and stability (i.e. 24/7 uptime)Supporting scalable massively multiplayer game development
    Secure virtual asset ownership.Virtual currencies and asset creation
    Rapid and easy trade and/or sharing of virtual assets and conversion to real world value (e.g. play to earn or Human Mining)Ability to build gamer loyalty
    Secure social networkingBroad game engine compatibility (e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc.)
    Easy to use game app launcherExportable game engine templates (e.g. support for Unity assets and Unreal blueprints)
    Human readable wallet accounts and “addresses”Accepting and managing gamer payments simply, securely, and affordably


    Market capitalization can be obtained by multiplying the total outstanding shares by the current price they hold in the market.

    In the case of cryptocurrencies, the capitalization is the total value of the supply of circulating coins multiplied by the last price under which they have been negotiated.

    Beyond the utility, the cryptocurrencies obtain their value from the number of users. This means that the higher the number of users, the greater the amount of money that generates the value of the Xaya currency.

    In a simple example, if the value for which a cryptocurrency is quoted is $ 5 and it has 100 million units in circulation, its market capitalization will be 500 million dollars. (US $ 5 x 100,000,000 = US $ 500,000,000).

    The gaming industry has millions of users. This alone provide a very good perspective on the value that Xaya's cryptocurrency might possibly have.


    On Xaya, each game will have its own decentralized and autonomous ecosystem. Game logic and the game economy will be created independently from each other. Gamers and developers will have more freedom than ever to create their own virtual universe with the rules they want and with it own dynamics.

    The Xaya platform will provide a large number of tools and infrastructure for game developers to build their own gaming world to suit their vision and projects.

    The Xaya cryptocurrency will be based on a proof of work (PoW) blockchain. Game channels allow two players to play in a reliable manner without registering each movement persistently in the main blockchain.

    The decentralized system respects the privacy of each user. It does not require users to provide a personal identification that can later be used without each user's permission.

    Namecoin was the first alternative currency to copy the Bitcoin code to create a digital currency that uses the main features of Bitcoin. Basing is an identity system that allows people to use blockchain and store identity information.


    The video game industry is constantly developing to further expand the possibilities and experiences of consumers around the world.

    With the success in 2013 of Huntercoin, blockchain technology was customized specifically for games in real time with maintaining the security and decentralization while at the same time, solving scalability issues. On Huntercoin, the players own their characters and virtual assets.

    With Xaya, users have access to their asset and game portfolios that allow them to register names and accounts to use in all the games that operate in Xaya.

    There are two initiatives that will use Xaya's platform. The first one is Treat Fighter, players will enjoy a strategy-game genre where they can go to expeditions and collects resources, prepares treats and takes them to fight other players as they work to grow their candy armies and outperform the competition.

    The second is Soccer Manager Crypto, with more than 50 million downloads, thus becoming the most popular blockchain game.

    Associating Xaya with Soccer Manager allows millions of players to have real ownership of their assets. And get closer to the real life of a soccer manager.

    🎮 USES CASES 🎮

    Here is a brief summary and several examples of how Xaya can drive different provably fair and completely decentralized games.


    It is possible to store assets in the blockchain. The cards are simple examples of asset storage. They can be exchanged or sold securely in the blockchain of Xaya using atomic transactions.

    It is possible to develop games of this genre completely on the Xaya platform using game channels and ephemeral timestamps. Developers can code the game so that the pairing is carried out completely in the blockchain or in a side-chain, or even centrally. The key here is that Xaya offers a high degree of flexibility for the developer. Real activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, zero game server costs, improved scalability, and easier monetization. For example, selling exclusive items and boost that can boost the performance of the gamers on each platform.

    🎮 Turn-based Game 🎮

    Classic games based on turns like UFO Enemy Unknown, they are easily hosted in the Xaya blockchain in multiplayer mode. More complex games based on shifts for several players, such as Civilization TM or Total War TM, are also possible with Xaya. Players would make all their movements in only one transaction (tx) per turn, so this in itself reduces blockchain clogging compared to games that require transactions to be broadcasted more often.


    Xaya is a decentralized platform where any type of game can be created and supported by its outstanding infrastructure. Everything is done for developers and gamers, and to evolve the video game world to higher levels. Also with Xaya players will be able to truly own their virtual items and will be able to access them at any time. Moreover, virtual items will be tradable for real-world valuable crypto thus creating a new dynamic in the gaming industry.

    There's no doubt that Xaya will bring together developers and gamers in one place to give them the best developing and gaming experience they ever had.

    Here are some videos about the project

Xaya Core team

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