Weekly Burst Report #43

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Weekly key data

PoCC development statistics
– Files modified: 54 ↑
– New insertions (+): 1485 ↑
– New deletions (-): 846 ↑

Blockchain metrics
– Blockchain transaction volume: 15,706 / -11.8% ↓
– Total wallets: 146,460 / +0.2% ↑
– Burst held in Poloniex & Bittrex: 57.2% / -0.4% ↓

Network metrics
– Estimated Network Size (weekly average): 248 PB / +6.9% ↑
– Public Nodes: 765 / -5.6% ↓

Trading metrics
– High / Low: $0.017 / $0.013 USD ↑
– Trade volume / change: $755,275 / +10% ↑
– Market Capitalisation/ change: $30,089,100/ +6% ↑
– Weekly High vs All Time High (%): 13% / +1% ↑


Something is brewing behind the scenes, but what is it? The PoC Consortium is currently doing a secret hackathon. This is the third one since they joined Burst, and it’s no secret that the other two have been very productive. Unfortunately, what the developers are working on cannot be revealed yet. Our guess: it will stay a secret until it’s ready.
Quibus released the version 2.5.0b of Qbundle, the all-in-one Windows launcher for the Burst core wallet. Please note this is a Beta version of Qbundle 2.5.0 – do not overwrite your current installation with this version but rather add it beside the original if you want to try it out. You cannot run 2 versions at the same time!
The changelog includes many things: code refactoring, move from Internet Explorer to Chromium, paper wallet generator, GUI changes, and more.
Remember this is a beta version, so testers are welcome! The real 2.5.0 version will be released as soon as we are certain there are no bugs left.
What’s the “issue” with Multi-Out transactions? Some have pointed out the fact that even if they are successfuly sent, they do not show up in the wallet’s transaction list. Please have a look at a detailed response here.


Some parts of the Burst documentation are outdated and need to be freshened up in order to offer the best tutorials for new Burst users. You can contribute by submitting pull requests on GitHub. The Burst Wiki is being actively updated, but more contributors could come handy. Impeccable documentation resources are a must!
Two translations of The Dymaxion Explained in Layman’s Terms article have been posted on The Burstcoinist: one for traditional Chinese, and one for simplified Chinese.
A new Burst gambling website has been launched: rollburst.com. The Bitcointalk dedicated thread can be found here. Please note that The Burstcoinist does not endorse this or any other gambling website – use at your own risk!


Daniel Jones (nixops) is the Burst Champion for the App Team. Yesterday, he live streamed his “Hacking into cryptocurrency with Burst” class on Twitch. Daniel is regularly teaching his blockchain and Burst knowledge at ActionSpot, a co-working community and startup incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley. Expect more live streams in the future!
Dan Dares made a call to arm on the Burst subreddit: he calls upon the community to work together in a Directed Information Campaign. Join the Telegram group if you’re in!
CryptoSlate published an article dedicated to Burst.
SignatureIT will be taking its Burst mining “Rainmaker” product line to the Blockchain World Conference in Atlantic City, NJ USA July 11th to 13th. They will be present at booth 212. Blockchain WC will be a very large event with more than 8000 attendees.
Reddit user u/blankey1337 created a MillionDollarHomepage, but for Burst. 1 million pixels are for sale, each for 0.01 BURST.


Considering the ongoing hackathon, it looks like the PoC Consortium has some projects up its sleeve. In the meantime, we have quite some work to do in terms of documentation and community gatherings. We have yet to see more champions step up, and more people take part in the Directed Information Campaign and other evangelism efforts.
From Tom Créance Originally published at The Burstcoinist — Your #1 News Resource about Burst!


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