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Worldopo is a game for those who like to go outside and walk – and earn crypto. Or for those who want their kids to move more, when they play on a smartphone. There are some similarities with Pokémon GO – but I see many more advantages with Worldopo.

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Although there existed similar games in the past, it was really the success of Pokémon GO that made a breakthrough in interaction between the real world and the game world. Children and adults went on long “Pokémon walks” and were catching pokémons outside. Now there’s a similar game with a cryptocurrency. Advantage: everything is based on a blockchain and the game has its own cryptocurrency that can be exchanged into another cryptocurrency.

This is how it works:

Catch diamonds and create value

When the game starts you smartphone will know where you are in the world via GPS. A map of your vicinity will be shown on the screen and a couple of diamonds will appear. Go to a place on the map where you see a diamond. When you’re close enough, a green ring will shine in the bottom part of the screen. It means that you’re in the right place. Click on the ring to activate the “catching mode”.

You will now see your surroundings through the phone camera. Somewhere around you there’s a diamond. You need to point your phone in the direction of the diamond. It can be all around you: in front, behind, above in the air, to the left, to the right and so on. Besides, it’s floating around, so it’s not always easy to catch it.

When you see the diamond inside the green frame on the screen, click on it. You will catch the diamond. A 10-minutes countdown until you can catch the next diamond will start. During this time you can go to the next place with a diamond.

Get bonus diamonds

I have found two ways to get bonus diamonds.

Welcome bonus

If you click on the shark in the upper part of the screen, you can enter referral code. Please use mine:

4LHJ-5ZL9-XMKK – in will give you 10 starting diamonds as a welcome bonus.

Bounty bonus

Go to their Bounty Website. Register with your email and get bounty by, for example, liking them on Facebook, following their YouTube channel or joining their Telegram group. Each bounty gives you 10 diamonds.

Follow this link of mine and you will get another 10 diamonds as an extra bonus after registration and after completing at least one task.

What are these diamonds worth?

It’s always very difficult to know exact value of something that is so new on the market. But there’s one thing that point to its value. Namely, one can buy diamonds via Google Play or AppStore. Right now the price of 500 diamonds is about USD $55. So each diamond should in theory be worth USD $0.11 on the “secondary market”.

I should add that the game right now is in the beta period and that it’ll be much more difficult to get the diamonds in the coming versions. Maybe the value will change too. But I’m using this opportunity now, while the value is high.

What’s the use for the diamonds?

The diamonds can be used to buy things in the game. It can be different buildings that create different positive effects for the AirMining (as the current version is called). One can also sell them to other players (in the future versions). There will be ways to use the game’s cryptocurrency and sell it on an exchange. Given that it’ll be listed on the exchanges, of course.

Why play WorldOpo?

  1. Move and earn crypto.
  2. Play a game with your children, which makes them move (my primary goal).

I give my child $0.11 for each diamond he finds. No problem to get him running around the neighbourhood like crazy instead of sitting home in front of the TV. He’s being active, I get crypto and can learn more about this game. Win, win, and win!

  1. Because cryptos are so much fun!
  2. If the value goes up, it might be a good idea to collect it already now.

I would like to write even more about it, but I have a friend who’s got 100 diamonds and I only have 50. So I have to go out for a few hours now…

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haha nice, i've been waiting for something like this :D GPS games are awesome!

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Please tell me when u are in the game. Nice to get some helping hands some time. Just come in after a lunchpaus in work. Catched 3 Diamonds...

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I believe I’m the friend mentioned in this post. And I already have 111 crystals! :-P Now I’m gonna go and catch another one, before my next lecture starts-

Yes you are right. But please stay at home today. Take a book and enjoy life. DO NOT HUNT CRYSTALS. I want them all ....

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