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Earn crypto by searching with Presearch

Most people do the search on the Internet at least once a day – so why not do it via Presearch and earn some crypto?

In short, Presearch gives you 0.25 PRE for using their search engine. It’s easy and gives you a nice reward – but there’s a little catch. You must accumulate enough tokens before you can withdraw them.

How Does Presearch Work?


  • Go

  • Click on Create Account. You just need to fill-in your email address.

  • Once you have logged in, you will see this screen:

    Minimining testing Presearch, a screenshot

    You see here that you can choose if you want your search query to be executed by Google, Facebook, Amazon and so on. It’s quite an easy solution that allows you to find the right results quickly.

  • Search

Each time you do a search you will see a coin fly up to the top-right corner and into your balance.

You can save up your tokens until you reach the minimum limit for withdrawal. Or you can use them to buy ads on Presearch.

Increase Your Earnings

  • Maximize the number of searches

There’s no limit to how many times you can use Presearch on any given day. But you will get paid for 32 searches per day max. So try to reach this limit as often as you can. One suggestion is to make a starting page in your web browser.

  • Search smart

To avoid misuse of this service, Presearch has in-built filters that can make your tokens disappear, if they find out that you’re only searching to get tokens. So use Presearch for your normal everyday searches – don’t be tempted to search too often.

How Much Will You Earn?

To do 32 searches on the Internet per day is quite easy. Instead of going to Google, you navigate to Presearch. By letting Presearch remember your log-in on your computer and smartphone, you can simply navigate to their page and search.

If we assume that it takes you 3 extra seconds, it means an additional time of 100 seconds per day. For this effort you will get USD $0.936 (1 PRE = USD $0.117 on July 23, 2018).


To be able to withdraw your tokens from your Presearch account you need to have saved up 1,000 PRE. Since you can earn only 8 PRE per day, it means you need to execute the maximum number of searches each and every day in the course of 125 days, before you can withdraw your tokens.

“As this is a new process and we are still refining the abuse protection systems, we’ve set a fairly high withdrawal threshold of 1,000 PRE to start.”

Neither it is possible to do 32 searches right after each other each day. There’s a system that decides if the searched are “real” or “fake”. A few people have got their entire balances frozen because Presearch deemed their searches not to be genuine.

In short: it’s high return – for those who succeed and have patience to wait.


(If you click on my link I will get 25 PRE as a bonus. All the links above are referral links.)

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you can make 32 searches with .25 pre rewarded to you even search and you can on a daily basis earn 8 tokens

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I do not know but I think it will be like a onlinewallet. So you later can send it to an exchange.

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