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I. Overview.
Founded by Abhishek Pitti from Harvard University in 2014 with the vision of world adoption. Their goal as a team is “connecting the unconnected”. With that being said, Nucleus Vision is an end-to-end technology solution that plans to connect previously unaccessed data to businesses in the world through blockchain technology and real time sensor technology.

II. Technical Specifications

Name: Nucleus Vision

Ticker: NCASH

Algorithm: ERC20

Total Supply: 10 billion (July 23th 2018)

Current Supply: 4.4 billion (July 23th 2018)

Protocol: N/A

Market Cap All Time High: 201 million (May 2th 2018)

Exchange: Binance, Zebpay, Bitbns, Ethfinex, Koinex, CoinBene, IDEX

III. Fundamental Specifications

The Nucleus Vision team is looking to offer connection in this world beyond imagination with the intention to bridge the gap between the online and offline retail worlds. Together with blockchain technology, Nucleus Vision not only can offer security but also connect their customers to the items they purchased. Nucleus Vision plans to achieve this through ION Sensors that will support a valuable data network for unique visitor IDs and corresponding user data. The best part about their IoT sensor technology is that it does not depend on any RFID, facial recognition and can operate without WiFi bluetooth. Hence, they are able to connect the online and offline retail world. Think about going to a store whereby store owners will be able to recognize customers and know what customers intend to purchase. Moreover, Nucleus Vision not only have plans to provide smart retail and security but also a smart powered world in the field of agriculture, health, transportation, homes and cities.

At current status, Nucleus Vision has over 10 live retail stores in India, 2397 recommendations and offers sent, 2290 successful authorizations, 47995 unique identifications and 1816 offers availed. In addition, their project is currently backed by several prominent investors including Tim Draper and Reliance Capital. Nucleus Vision has also partnered with well known telecommunication companies like Vodafone, Reliance Communications and Idea Cellular as telecommunication plays a vital role in the functioning of their technology.

IV. Coin Index


Great long-term project. I see 100X by 2020!!!

We will hope for the best!

It is a great project

Ncash is an awesome project. Though its token dropped drastically after making a run in April-May... Still worth HODL

Yes it does stay fundamentally strong but you have to take in consideration that the whole market has consolidated.

Thanks. Great post!

Thanks ! It’s my pleasure! Continue to follow to view more of my works!

The project is good indeed, but the coin value is slowly disappearing...

Yes you are right but you also have to factor in that the whole market is consolidating.

correct, and there hasn't been much news from them lately.

Hence the 4/5 in community engagement.

@minhnguyen1994: Bạn là người VN hả :D

Thnx for Info

Thanks for reading it’s my pleasure! Continue to follow to view more of my works!

Nucleus vision is a very good coin for long term holder.

Thanks for your input!

For long time is good invest.

Hello Dears

Tell me Which 5 coin is Best for invest.. Those give back 10x++ profit in this year..

Now i think about ETF... How can manage my current cryptocurrency sell or HODL

It’s hard to say because nothing is guaranteed. This is an encryptopedia which is not to promote any coin. However this is not financial advice but in my opinion WAN is a good buy and can be one of them. Thanks for reading! Follow my work as I will continue to produce write ups that may help you!

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