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Xaya brings positive aspects that allow the development of rich and intricate virtual worlds hosted in a decentralized way without the need for servers. Making a reduction of the time in which the games take to pass from one concept to another, offers the reduction of financial burdens of the infrastructure and the form of administration in the small development teams. This fusion offers cutting-edge Total Technology that allows a good unlimited scalability, playability demonstrated in real times and game worlds that support millions of players and more!


XAYA Blockchain technology (formerly Chimaera) is formed by the original creators of blockchain games in 2013, which is very good because it gives the security of true experts in the field. The main developers of Namecoin and Huntercoin and experts in blockchain. From that moment on, they are totally innovative, promoting the new blockchain technologies.

Through several years of R + D, this platform is proudly presented by the team, where it is possible that the games can be run without servers emerging every day in the chain of blocks with countless thousands of games and millions of players.

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Xaya, valuable development for decentralized games.

It will have the possibility that Xaya allows the development of good and complicated virtual worlds in a decentralized way and the best does not need servers.

with Xaya, time will not be a problem since it will be reduced what games take to pass from one concept to another, and in small development teams the financial burdens of infrastructure and administration will also be reduced.

In the decentralized gaming worlds, the players will be fully owners of their properties, their assets online and will be able to share the potential of the profits that the developers have created. This will be available with the ability to change your assets online and have a real value with the use of cryptocurrencies through simple and secure exchanges and actions of your products online.

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Xaya something more than an asset platform.

Xaya, allows the game worlds to run completely autonomously, that way players will never lose their assets due to the negligence of third parties. There are many blockchain asset storage platforms in which the games are executed in a centralized manner, which on the contrary the blockchain is used for the storage of assets, which causes problems where the game servers could be closed or collapses, creating assets that are not useful.

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A principle - HUNTERCOIN

A pioneer of a new territory in 2013, the Xaya team put into practice:

  • The first massive multiplayer decentralized game [1]
  • The first game world built in blockchain [2]
  • The first permissible cryptocurrency for human mining [3]
  • The first multi coin something.

Huntercoin was an experiment of great success, this was completely autonomous and had more than 35,000 characters interacting simultaneously in the game, It became a 'hobby project' with a market capitalization of more than 10 million dollars.

To contribute to the Xaya community, it can be applied to the resources of Huntercoin imaginative formats.

All the next generation games that are in Xaya could have the advantages of;

  • The games must be shown in order to give the victory (The blockchain is for the verification, and validation that everything is in order.)
  • Decentralized and autonomous environments, this new generation will give autonomy to each executor in a decentralized and secure manner.
  • True Item Ownership and fair acquisition
  • 24/7 time of activity; the time will be profits since it will not be wasted even for a moment.
  • Fraud-proof commerce; the intervention in the transactions will be avoided, this will avoid fraudulent acts that can damage the stability of the use.

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Solid bases of Xaya

This block chain is customized based on namecoin, a project that has been led for more than five years. (The first official altcoin of which Satoshi had a great contribution, most of his last comments were about bitcointalk).

Solve scaling problems using several methods that are innovative, in particular, something called Game Channels.

To the lovers of the blockchain games this creation that is Xaya is an advance and a motive to continue running without fear of having to lose everything until it's time. It will have the best blockchain quality.

Xaya is preparing to populate its platform with games, has two major releases in the works. Xaya is more than a reality and it is not a simple mirage.

Treat wrestlers.

Football coach


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For many massive games and cryptocurrencies, scalability is a problem and they lack major advances for growth.

"Xaya has developed reliable chainless scaling for gaming (play channels) and ephemeral timestamps to overcome these limitations."


The problem of escalation can be solved in the Xaya platform through the game channels, this is increasingly famous of the cryptocurrencies and especially the blockchain games. The game channels make the registration of movements in private side chains, the structures of hash chains next to digital signatures, give the assurance that the movements are not malicious, everted or fraudulent. When the players of the game result reach an agreement, the rewards will be distributed through 2 of 2 transactions with multiple signatures. If there is a disagreement and the players believe that it is not valid, the data in the side chain allows the honest player to prove his claim and receive what is his due.

If there is a dispute but then it resolves, the game can continue as before. But, this process will put the transactions in the main block chain, eliminating the scalability gains and the cost (both) of the players' transaction fees.

If there is the situation of players who just want to ruin the game this will have a solution; ephemeral timestamps.

Some of the games that a developer can build or access in Xaya:

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS) / online battle scenarios
    multiplayer (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games

There are other genres such as types of games beyond the three popular online categories mentioned.
XAYA - Main live sale

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Information and resources.

Xaya Website
Xaya WhitePaper
Xaya Medium
Xaya Bitcointalk
Xaya Reddit
Xaya Facebook
Xaya Twitter
Xaya Linkedin

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All the source and information belongs to Xaya.

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