Token sale of MBN is complete. It's results summaring by CEO, Yuriy Gerasimov

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 Dear Membrana community! Token sale of MBN is complete and we want to summarise its results and thanks everyone for participation.

We were not able to achieve our maximum sales targets, but there were objective reasons for this and our results are satisfying with current market situation.

During the time of token sale, we sold 31.2 million tokens and another 7.3 million issued as a bonuses. 5 million tokens will be accrued for market-making services and providing liquidity. Thus, the unsold amount of 356.5 million tokens will be burned during 6 months period.

Total emission is reduced to 643.5 million tokens.

In June 17th, Membrana Blockchain platform will start trading on 3 exchanges with the MBN ticker.
Those exchanges are:

Despite the low level of sales of tokens on these exchanges, the process of selling tokens was as transparent and fair as possible. We are thankfull for the management of both exchange for their efforts and supports. We absolutely do not associate this level of sales of tokens during the crowdsale and IEO with a fair assessment of the project. There are a number of objective reasons, as the state of the market and the possibilities of the platforms on which IEO was conducted, which were overestimated by us, but our assessment was based on publicly available information and the course of negotiations with the exchanges. We believes that the real value of the project is immeasurably higher and our performance should prove this in the nearest future.

Our next goals are constant development of the platform with release of nessessary individual features. Besides, we are launching processes of monetization and direct usage of the tokens.

For upcoming future these specific steps can be highlighted:

  1. Inviting traders to the platform
  2. Release of Analyzer - additional feature to monitor the market
  3. Creating an active secondary market

We view positively on the completed token sale and continue working on the project with a great enthusiasm.

CEO, Yuriy Gerasimov 


Hello, jason2305. Thanks.

Welcome. Started to follow your project few weeks ago so I ma quite new. Will have a look over your steemit acocunt.

Welcome aboard and do not hesitate to ask any questions about our project.