Membrana’s staking rewards program: ROI up to 80%

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 Financial blockchain platform Membrana revealed new usage for MBN tokens: any token holder can earn rewards by staking Membrana Platform tokens.

There are 2 levels of staking rewards, depends on staking amount. Staking of MBN is counted in USDT. It means, with current price of MBN tokens $0,02, if you have 250 000 MBN, you have LEVEL 1 (0,02*250000 = 5000). When price increased 25% from $0,02 to $0,025, your LEVEL 1 changed to LEVEL 2 (0,025*250000 = 6250).

LEVEL 1 : from $150* to $5999; rewards in MBN
LEVEL 2 : from $6000; rewards in MBN and BTC
(*) — since June 2019 staking accrued from $500 worth MBN

So, it means, that early adopters has much more preferred conditions. By investing in Membrana tokens you can join the revolutionary project on its early steps. Become early supported rather laggards. Early buyers will enjoy significant bonuses and will be able to capture more token price growth than late investors.

Example with Level 1 calculations: initial staking amount is $500. MBN token price increased 25% after the IEO, thus investor gains ~55% ROI during next 6 months.

Level 1 Investing Model

Example with Level 2 calculations, same as Level 1 plus rewards in BTC: initial amount $6000, after IEO price increased 25% and rewards in BTC. Thus investor gains ~80% ROI during next 6 months.

 Level 2 Investing Model

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