Exciting things are happening for adult stars and crypto with VIT!

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September is quite an exciting month! I've attended a MFC social in Las Vegas, its my Birthday month, and Vice Industry token platform just launched!I have known about VIT since March when I learned about them at a convention. VIT platform is doing something very revolutionary, you'll be able to earn crypto while viewing adult content. Yes, I said EARN while you watch porn, my porn ^_^
Check out the site here: https://vicetoken.com/
Be sure to see the new Vice Token Industry platform at https://touch.tube/new/

I am really looking forward to uploading and seeing the other content creators that do. It has been really neat witnessing adult entertainment platforms on the blockchain!

Crypto is here, more people now than ever are adopting it! VIT IS HERE!!!download.jpeg

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Great! You will be one of the pioneers content creators on this revolution of the adult entertainment industry =D

It definitely sounds like an exciting month for you. I've been excited to finally get on the VIT platform. Hopefully you will make lots of VIT from your content. Any VIT you earn this month is birthday money!! :-D

VIT is the future and Future is already now! Upvoted and resteemed my team mate :)