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This is the official stand for crypto around the world after th G-20 meeting on March 19-21, 2018.

Please tell us how the government in your country is reacting to Cryptocurrencies.


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they are doing good in my country. TRON is the most traded coin in last 24 hours in terms of INR in my country. it crossed btc in volume :P

crypto doing something in my country. it crossed btc.
thanks @melip sir for share this

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in my country i dont know what crypto doing.
i cordially thanks @melip sir for share this information
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Thanks for your publication it is important to know about the crypto we must learn more about the subject, here in my country VENEZUELA is just a disaster. happy night friend @meli greetings @betaniaj

Esperemos que sean cosas buenas para nuestros paises en especial a nuestra Venezuela querida

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up here, there's not that many, whom know about cryptocurrency, so... it's not clear yet.

Thanks for the data. Here in Venezuela they want to implement Petro but I have read analysts who say it will not work out and I share it. I hope the panorama improves for the good of all.

I think here in Bulgaria, it's still neutral.

Wow! I’m moving to Bulgaria 😊 soon.