Crypto goals are getting achieved slowly, but steadily! My crypto ride is here.

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It's been some time since I got into this crypto world and the goals are becoming real already.
A couple of years ago I really wanted to buy a new car, thanks to my crypto investments and the time has come. My car isn't a Lambo, but it surely is something I haven't even dreamed of owning at this age.


The Hyundai Santa fe is a car that is relatively big for the living style here in Bulgaria and is considered a big family car. It's really comfortable and fits all the baggage, which can be expected with two little kids. I never thought that I would go for a SUV, maybe my choice would be a SW vehicle, but my wife managed to change my mind and we ended here, owning this white beast.


The black rims really make this car look better and its back brake lights are also darkened a bit. This white/black contrast make the whole vehicle look bolder and differentiates it from the other "species"of this model.


The more time passes, the more I start to like it. This car has all the possible extras that can be purchased, ingcluding heated front and rear seats, self parking, lane keep assist and so on... The glass panoramic roof also makes the experience of travelling with the car very unique and shiny. The comfort is ultimate and there's nothing more that I can really want for now.


The Hyundai look so futuristic and modern, compared with my old Honda. The Japanese ride is still a very good one, but it's now getting very old and surely not very spacious, at least not enough to fit all the family and baggage around. I still use the Honda to travel in the town and go to work with it.

What about the next crypto goals? Maybe achieve a partial financial freedom. Along with my crypto investments I managed to build a small stocks portfolio as well, and some passive income from dividends. It's really not enough to keep my life going without any worries, but I really hope that this will be different soon.


So, set your goals and stick to all that is needed to achieve them. Keep on dreaming and build your better future.
See you soon!

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