Crypto Flash Crash! 9/5/2018

in crypto •  3 months ago


I hate to watch crypto prices but it has been a bad Force of habit I picked up since I got involved with crypto.

Today it a matter of minutes I saw bitcoin price tumble which in turn pull many altcoins down with it. Is this a sign for things to come?

Last week we finally saw some price stability and coins rising but today's price movement brings back the swift steps down to the abyss.

I am curious if anyone know of the catalyst that brought this swift drop?


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Date of post: 9/5/2018

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The catalyst was Goldman Sachs Suspending their trading desk operations idea, the reality is that Goldman wants better crypto prices so they needed to concoct a story to dump it.


That has to be it! Trying to scare large crypto holders in selling. Do not see this type of scare tactic ending any time soon. Thanks.

Its an endless cycle of repetition..