Bubble trouble? Not a chance.

in crypto •  last year

The drama crypto has in our current is that many coins have not reached their full potential, their real life use is years away.

Sales, price, sell offs are driven by speculation.
-This coin is going to be able to do this..
-This coin is designed for this type of corporation..
-This coin has great developers..
-This coin is endorsed by..
and so on...

My first rule of investing is - can I see a real life use for this coin, would this coin actually benefit the world be it through - saving time, saving costs.
These are the two main aspects many coin focus on.
The thing many people don’t realise is there are thousands of coin which are almost exactly the same- who ever has the biggest budget for marketing or endorsements seem to prevail whereas many coins in which actually have a real life purpose have been left at the back.
In time only coins which can actually benefit society will shine.

For example steem - it has a great run and slow increase in price however it is still undervalued, the real life applications of social media are its backbone- the steem community is constantly growing and steem is actually used as payment method daily to show support to fellow community members and so on. (I hold minimal steem so this is not an attempt to push it is simply an example).

Digibyte - it’s 5 different algorithms, speed and minimal costs make it a perfect payment system with extremely high security, once its adopted it will save people billions.

Verge and ripple - the platform is simple - both similar platforms with verge having some upgrades over ripple that are both designed for banks and corporations in the transfer of international funds - saving billions.

Sia- file storage - simple brilliant system. The amount of money spent of storage of photos and information is ludacris, this can eliminate those high prices.

These are just a few examples of coins that will prevail and yes there are MANY more.

The problem the crypto community is faced with is coins like Doge in which are driven by whales and people who purely want to pump and dump. This is a coin with no real world value or direction.

2018 we should see a rise in professional investors who see the value in real world applications and hopefully the children wake up to this and make the community a much more professional place only showing support to coins that are needed.

The above examples are a reason why this is seen as a bubble to some, people buy emotionally, they see the green rocket and want to jump on board.
However if you invest in a coin that has real life use I believe you’ll be fine as the value must increase if it is going to be used in the future.
People sell on the basis of a tweet and panick which has a ripple effect.
This is not a bubble, certain coins will be around for years continuously increasing in price, it’s exciting times.

So again - when investing... can you see yourself using this coin or see this coin benefiting humankind?

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