MEW DNS Hack, Gemini Uses NASDAQ's SMARTS, Coinbase Building An Empire, and Other Insights

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Oh boy, a new vulnerability! Looks like ERC20 tokens have a little hiccup with the newly discovered BatchOVerFlow bug that was used to heist about $150K in Ether.

Gemini is teaming up with NASDAQ to use there SMARTS technology to help minimize price manipulation and other illicit actors in the trading exchange.

Coinbase is coiling up by collecting a slew of new hires from some top roles in traditional markets, as well as others. Along with this, they are also inquiring a few companies along the way to add to the power house team that has lead them to the success of the largest Cryptocurrency exchange in the USA.

Oh my! The 17 millionth Bitcoin has been mined! Only 20% left to go, and we'll be done in about 122yrs... haha.

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good update and hopefully keep climbing ahaha @massstash

much appreciated, and I agree! looks like possible retrace time again... hope it's short!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

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