$1.2b Fine For Market Manipulation And How Crypto Helps Prevent This

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I’ve found a couple of mainstream news stories to share with you that I think relate to the direction we are going in terms of integrating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology into our economies. My original intention was to do it all in one video but after writing out the points I wanted to get across about the market rigging story, it would have been too long so we’ll do one today and the other one in another video. We’ll do that and then take a look at the markets to see where prices are and where they might be heading next.

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What the heck... so "the train cartel" now just stop doing 'cartel' because they were finned ... LoL
We dont really need they to stop, we need us to stop using their business so much ..

I'm comfortable with the "nothing is perfect" mantra. This stuff will never stop happening. There will always be offenders and those who try to police the system. As long as there is not too much of either, the middle seems to represent "normal."

Market Manipulation in trading sphere will always there in all medium exchanged due to greed unless there a methods of prevention of Non-Collusion between individual or group traders.

Of course , one has major proportion of asset that is being trade, mkt manipulation will be present, again unless, there are methods of prevention.

It is true within Crypto sphere, it is more likely WITHOUT any regulation. ONLY Limit are based on current trading throughput and technology.

Do you think main stream media will cover this and screams dollar is a scam ? dont think so. BTC have a bright future.

The Forex cartel story is fascinating to me.

As you described the story, my first thought was “how did the authorities figure this out?” And it turns out you wondered the same thing. What methods did they use to get enough incriminating evidence for the charges?

If authorities used snooping, back doors, massive brute force decryption or other such techniques, I would guess that they’re not going to disclose it for fear of public backlash. It would be similar to the military’s fear of disclosing the existence of ENIGMA by preventing an attack they could only know about if they could read the enemy’s communications.

So, it would seem in the authority’s best interest to make sure the story had some element of easy explanation like one of the conspirators turned on the other, or external actions have them enough for a warrant for one of their computers or something like that.


Another fine installment by the monk

Looking forward for Binance Account Users... too much rigging ... people enjoy there creativity to finde new ways to gain more money in a zero sum game. Real creativity is creating real new money not only replacing some.

Not sure that co-ordinating trades to move markets at a specific time is not going to be effective on decentralized crypto exchanges. If it works on traditional markets probably going to work on crypto markets. Less liquidity in crypto.

They will continue to manipulate it as the money and capital gained far exceeds the fines!

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Lol pretty sure they've banked for that billion dollar fine, you wouldn't take those kind of risks if you hadn't factored in the worst case scenario.

Crypto could stop this but the solution has yet to be perfected imo. Plenty of people rigging it and ruining a good thing for the rest of us

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