Interview with Alastair Johnson CEO of Nuggets

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Here is my interview with
Nuggets is designed to prevent us having to submit our private data every time we want to interact with a new service. Once our ID documents have been submitted once to the Nuggets system, they are stored securely on IPFS and then only revealed to specific parties when necessary. This means they don't get a copy of the data, only the ability to look at it. That makes this approach much more secure.

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Thanks, nice talk with Alastair Johnson CEO of Nuggets, understand the concept but didn't understand why this is a crypto project at all... I listen that it is based on Etherium but why? The solution looks just a DB interface logic into the IPFS ... but for being accepted I have to insert a Fiat-CreditCard ?!... I dont understand why Fiat-CreditCard is required in a Crypto ID system ... at least was 1st time for me to ear about this Nuggets ID system, and I will try and understand it better by myself ...

I'm also puzzled about how this is better than a central DB ?!?!
What Microsoft talked about using BTC is much better in my opinion.

Good interview

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Truely, we can see what innovation and solutions can be achieved by blockchain technology. All your KYC details in one place, that can be shared with organisation and companies alike without compromising security and concern of breaches , can ONLY be a winner.

Would.consider get shares of this start up :)

I'm glad to see interviews come back and even more thankful that you're putting so much diligence into the choices, instead of possibly doing interviews just to do them. I do see identity being one of the top 10 "killer apps" for crypto.

Long time no see CC!!!....

Its good to get to know such projects. So much is going on. I wonder what Microsoft and Co are bringing related to ID necessities.

Something within me still does not feel comfortable parting with sensitive information in order to use blockchain related services and projects like Veil are working towards bringing us to that point where transactions can truly be made anonymously.

However, if the best option is to submit my details on one platform and avoid doing the same for every new project, I guess I might just go with Nuggets.

Seems like Nuggets found a different solution for KYC process but I don't like submit my ID to companies due security issues.
Maybe this idea can be used for this big problem in coming months.
Until then i'll contınue to use no kyc exchanges & projects like monero,veil,daps for secure transactions+ more privacy.

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