Apple's CryptoKit, ONE Explodes on Binance DEX, Notes on Cosmos, SEC Suing KIN for ICO

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Today is Wednesday the 5th of June 2019 and the Bitcoin price went down a total of 15% when you combine yesterdays price action with the day before.

Bitcoin found support again at 7600 and is now holding at 7750.

News stories today:

Harmony rockets volume on Binance DEX
Cosmos has had a good month
SEC builds its case against KIN
Apple CryptoKit gives us some clues

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are yt videos missed?

Ok, so after MS-Excell integrated BTC in currencies, now Apple included Bitcoin symbol in the default icon set ... Wow great NEWs from global adoption trends ... I would rather change this has a better tittle ...

Regarding SEC 'attacks' would you please comment 1 year latter on this one TBAR tokken?


RE:SEC - I think you nailed a key issue within an issue; i.e. limitation of SEC resources. Specific agencies being underfunded to do their real job is a standard U.S. finance story. It's usually told in the context of why "good regulations" cannot be enforced. I would therefore expect that a loss against Kin will make any subsequent fight that much more difficult.
Apple becoming the equivalent of a hardware wallet sounds is simply exciting to contemplate. That would yield a type of onboarding that would motivate local businesses to develop means to accept crytpo as payment. It's not hard to imagine a store clerk being asked multiple times every day why they don't accept crypto, with the customer standing at the counter, iphone in hand, ready to pay

I've been an Android fan just about from day one. If Samsung or other manufacturers can't bake in comparable hard wallet features.. it could force me to switch.

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Thanks bringing Cosmos to our attention, it is resolve some of issues of the blockchains. Apple Cryptokit shows that such a institute of technology preparing for coming years of major crypto adoption, which we are about to experience.

Samsung S10 built in wallet and now apple "sdk" Adoption takes time.

GO Harmony...

Hi Chris, glad you're back!!!. The Community missed you

Need to figure out how to up vote my comments, like camendes70.... two replys worth $0.58 each because he magically has 8 up votes.... wtf

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