19th March Look At World Markets Through Bitcoin Lens

in #crypto3 years ago

sat2 19032020.png

If the total supply of US dollars is changing and increasing all the time, how do you know how much assets are really worth?

And how much are they worth in relation to each other?

Bitcoin is a hard asset with a maximum supply of 21m. That makes it absolutely scarce and thus an ideal currency for global trade. It's a solid foundation of 21,000,000 units that will never change which makes pricing assets much clearer.

Here's an updated look at the world if BTC were the base currency for global trade on the 19th of March 2020.


People value stuff in units of their income. How long do I have to save/how much of my next paycheck is this? Until people's income is principally crypto measuring in BTC is like measuring things in Big Macs

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