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In the formation of our learning, is necessary to be a carrier of knowledge that in the future is pro of all communication and one of them is to have knowledge about. Goldilock
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w.pngGoldilock is a patent pending solution for the shortcomings of the hot and cold cryptographic key and the storage of confidential data. Goldilock: no hot storage, no cold storage, just the right storage. For more information and investment opportunities.

Goldilock: is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by creating an ecosystem to protect cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions.


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  • Identify features that improve application performance.
  • Reduce total storage consumption.
  • Take back control of your database storage environment.


As we know that most people in space are familiar with the shortcomings associated with centralized asset storage methods.

  • A wallet is a digital wallet either hot or cold, that stores digital assets.

  • He crude is back at the &75 a barrel level many analysts regard as the Goldilock price: not too hot for the...


There is a wide array of field where Goldilock technology can be applied.

Goldilock can be used by individuals to store sensitive information, such as cryptocurrencies, or by existing companies and applications where security is a priority.

A digital asset management system, also known by the acronym DAMS ('' Digital Asset Management System ''), is a software and hardware system that is responsible for storing, managing, organizing, processing and distributing digital assets. Its objective is to simplify the management of digital assets and provide authorized users with the search and recovery of the assets they need. The value of the managed asset is materialized only if it is accessible by authorized users at the time they need it.

This type of system provides disintermediation between the issuers of digital assets, the applications of developers and consumers. In addition, tasks related to the management of assets are decoupled, such as issuance, transaction processing, securing user funds and establishing user identity.

Goldilock Lock Token

LOCK is the utility token that will be used to powerGoldilock services.

  • The LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of activity in its own way, while retaining user-owned data
    Encryption and enclosed, including everyone, including the Goldilock team. In addition, LOCK is the accepted method of subscription payment for individual users in Goldilock Security Suite.



This is how the team of Goldilock

The team has decades of combined business experience in financial services, emerging technology and marketing, with a constant focus on innovation. They created Goldilock because they believe that the methods of storing and protecting personal data on the Internet have proven to be ineffective over and over again. The fact is that disconnecting the keys to your personal data and cryptocurrencies is the only way to protect them against hacking, and now the Token LOCK will advance our mission to provide a universally accessible platform to store your digital assets securely, access them instantly and remotely make transactions with him from anywhere.




know more about the team

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As we know you have been associated with some of the leading opinion leaders and development experts in the Blockchain community who have helped develop Goldilock Security Suite. The ecosystem includes industry experts in digital security, telecommunications, storage, media and regulatory affairs.


The network of partners includes the world's leading blockchain and blockchain technology specialists, investment and blockchain, and compliance and regulatory experts.




Here is this video


By knowing a little more about Goldilock, the way in which data is stored on the Internet through the creation of an ecosystem to protect cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions.

Users need to access their personal data quickly, but only occasionally and for short periods of time. Otherwise, online data is more useful for hackers than legitimate owners.
Personal data should be isolated, protected from physical contact and related human errors, and should be fully supported, Goldilock's patent pending technology treats these premises as requirements to make private key custody and personal data storage safer without sacrificing accessibility, The user can also securely access their wallet through an encrypted connection using a dedicated URL and access credentials, As time passes, the population's need to store digital data grows and this is reflected in the capacity of current devices.

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