Goldilock: The Right Storage

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"Not Hot Storage.

Not Cold Storage.

Just the Right Storage."

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Have you ever wondered how to store your digital assets and confidential data safely?

The answer is Goldilock, a new remote custody system and digital asset security suite, which acts as a "cold storage" until such time as the user needs to access their funds or data.

When a user needs to access their private data, the physical device must be connected to the Internet and be granted access in a secure manner for a set time with different layers of authentication. One of the main ideas on which Goldilock is based is that if you are connected to the Internet you can be hacked. This is due to the large number of hackers that have recently appeared in the cryptocurrency industry.


This is the reason why Goldilock uses a "physical air disconnection" method. This means, as the name suggests, that devices that store sensitive data are physically disconnected from the Internet.

The terms "hot storage" or "cold storage" describe the frequency with which a user accesses their data. "Hot storage" refers to data that requires immediate and frequent access, usually the data of large corporations that use the cloud, fall within this category, with the risks that means. By contrast, "cold storage" describes data that does not require frequent access, that is, data that is not stored in the cloud. Sometimes, it is data that you may want to quarantine from the Internet, for example, cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin.



There is a wide variety of fields in which Goldilock technology can be applied. It can be used by individuals to store sensitive information, such as personal data or cryptocurrencies wallets, or even by companies, banks, governments, credit agencies and applications where security is a priority.

A person who requires travel, whether for pleasure or business, can store useful information such as passport, identity documents, insurance policies, cryptocurrency wallets, etc., in Goldilock, without fear of suffering the loss of physical documents that could ruin the trip and with the complete assurance that your data can not be accessed by outsiders.

For hospitals and other health centers, Goldilock is an excellent option to keep your patients' medical records safe.

Insurance companies are frequently subject to attacks by hackers who seek to steal information from their customers, with Goldilock this will no longer be possible.

And just like these cases, Goldilock technology securely stores confidential information that should not be exposed to loss or theft by hackers.


Goldilock LOCK Token

LOCK is the utility token that will be used to power Goldilock services.

NEO will be the first Blockchain to integrate, and others will do so shortly. Why was NEO chosen? Because NEO is a community-based, non-profit Blockchain project that allows you to digitize assets, automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and realize an "intelligent economy" with a distributed network, which makes NEO "the ideal platform for to secure wallet utility token."

LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of their node activity, while keeping user-owned data encrypted and locked away even from everyone including the Goldilock team.

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The Team

Goldilock team has decades of combined entrepreneurial experience in financial services, emerging technology and marketing, with a consistent focus on innovation, certainly the brightest minds in the market...






The Partners

Goldilock´s network of partners include leading global blockchain services firm, investment and blockchain technology specialists and compliance and regulatory experts.



The Roadmap




Finally, I want to share with all this introductory video about Goldilock


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