Afterall it happens👍🆒

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Hello to all my friends, hope you are great and having fun !

Toaday after a long time the steem pump 220%, this far and reaches 31.38 INR and this make me glad and I want to make to make a post and here I am back after a long time.

Steem reaches jump from 70+ position to 40 position in a night this is kind of great this is not a magic that the steem reach to top in a night but, In my opinion this is begining of the rise and this year will be the same as the 2018 and all of us here are going to a rich.


at noon steem is at $0.4327 that is approx 31.38 INR and this kind of good after a long time this gives a smile to all the members here.


now this is at $0.2883 that is approx 21.54 INR and this is kind of sad but this is very amazing pump in this platform this is great.
Many of the members have earn a lot form the pump in this platfrom.


this is the image of the all time chart of the steem and the highest rates were $7.5 that is approx 561.13 INR I was not there at that time bat I have seen the effects of this raise.

Thank you.



Steem price will go down.

Your post has been boosted with ESTM. Keep up the good work!
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