Crypto Talk #54 What's the news are coming to the 3rd June for cryptocurrency? Let's have a look here.

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Hey buddies, Here I am back here with Crypto Talk series where you can read the latest news related cryptocurrency. In the cryptocurrency market there is a significant role of the news & if you are unknown about it, then I will post the latest news about crypto here.

It may be helpful for you & for those peoples who invest their money in the crypto market. So let's see what's happening on 3rd June 2018.

  • IOTA (MIOTA): Qubic Details.

  • Alphacat (ACAT): Application Deadline.

  • Banyan Network (BBN): Release of (120,000,000-130,000,000) tokens that are held by ico investors.

  • Bytecoin (BCN): New Roadmap Launch on 3rd June.

  • Aeon (AEON): Hard Fork.

  • Zeepin (ZPT): Zeepin Shanghai Meetup will be held in Impact Hub and will start at 7PM.

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That's really good upcoming news

This gonna help a lot to crypto investors keep sharing

Thanks a lot sir @mann for sharing the valuable crypto updates specially for IOTA Qubic Details, Aeon hard fork.